Sanremo Giovani 2021: five questions to Destro in the race with “August in the middle of summer”

Sanremo Giovani 2021 five questions to Destro in the race

Among the artists competing a Sanremo youth 2021 there is Right, one of the four talents chosen by Amadeus with the commission of Sanremo among the 21 selected by the Commission of Area Sanremo 2021. Sanremo youth 2021 Right The real name of Right And Luca Castrignanò. The nineteen year old singer-songwriter was born in … Read more

Kourtney Kardashian’s workout routine for rounder buttocks

If you still believe that the Pilates It is a relaxing discipline, the time has come for you to change your mind. It is true that this practice is more leisurely than cardio classes or HIIT workouts, but that is precisely what makes it ideal for strengthen the muscles. And is that in Pilates you … Read more

At war with consensus, 80s icon Alex Antunes releases album

At war with consensus 80s icon Alex Antunes releases album

short Music Non Stop no Facebook “I don’t like poetry, my thing is spoken word”, he told me Alex Antunes in the middle of the telephone interview (landline!). The phrase jangled the head of this distinguished but pretentious writer whose mission was to converse with one of the most restless and productive minds in the … Read more

12 Revelation Characters 2021: from Olivia Rodrigo to Samantha Hudson

12 Revelation Characters 2021 from Olivia Rodrigo to Samantha Hudson

This 2021 we have discovered a long list of new characters that have marked us. Although some of them had already been in front of the spotlight for a long time, it was this year that a large part of the public has discovered them. Either because they have participated in the series of the … Read more

PUBLICIST: Who has a chance at Eurovision? In the top seven finalists are Emma Smetana with Jordan Haj, Skywalker and Annabelle

PUBLICIST Who has a chance at Eurovision In the top

Czech Television has revealed seven local finalists for the next Eurovision. The winner can be Emma Smetana & Jordan Haj, Czech-Norwegian band We Are Domi, bands Skywalker or The Valentines and singers Annabelle, Elis Mraz or Giudi. Who is to follow in the footsteps of Mikolas Josef? During Monday’s press conference, the individual candidates introduced … Read more

Jennifer Aniston’s top 5 tricks to look radiant at 52

Jennifer Anistons top 5 tricks to look radiant at 52

Jennifer Aniston, reveal what your wellness routine at 52 years old in a new interview. To the star of ‘Friends‘he likes to follow a healthy diet Which incorporates collagen to their smoothies and his café. Aniston shares other tricks like avoid social media in the morning and confesses which is his favorite exercise for a … Read more

25th consecutive no for the Jalisse at the Sanremo Festival. The duo reveals the text of the piece presented

25th consecutive no for the Jalisse at the Sanremo Festival

E i Jalisse they make 25, a real record. In fact, 25 years have passed since the duo’s victory at Sanremo Festival in front of Anna Oxa e Syria with Rivers of words. Since then, every year, the duo has presented a song to the artistic director on duty, and every year, for 25 years … Read more

Rihanna’s first setback in business: Fenty closes

Rihannas first setback in business Fenty closes

It’s been a long time since RihannaThe 32-year-old is much more than a singer – she is a businesswoman focused on her very fruitful fashion, beauty and skincare businesses. However, the health crisis, turned into an economic crisis, also seems to have taken its toll on Barbados, with a fortune estimated by the magazine Forbes … Read more

A Cidade dos Abismos, a film with a trans protagonist is highlighted in Lisbon

A Cidade dos Abismos a film with a trans protagonist

short Music Non Stop no Facebook From personal experience, Priscyla Betim developed the argument of The City of Abysses, feature film with a timeless setting, signed alongside Renato Coelho. The film follows Gloria, a trans woman, Bia, a middle-class young woman from São Paulo, and Kakule, an African immigrant, who witness a murder on Christmas … Read more

REVIEWS: Dead Sara is again one of the best albums of the year thanks to “Ain’t It Tragic”

REVIEWS Dead Sara is again one of the best albums

Hurrah! Despite the flood of new records emerging during the pandemic, we have one above average. She is phenomenal and has been waiting for six long years. Dead Sara, meanwhile, was definitely not bored, and despite the lack of inspiration for singing on the album “Ain’t It Tragic”, they finally managed to put it together. … Read more

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