Awarded the Title of National Hero, Here Are Usmar Ismail’s Film Works: Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA Usmar Ismail became one of four figures who received the title of hero from President Joko Widodo in the Commemoration of Heroes Day which fell on Wednesday (11/10/2021).

Usmar received the title of National Hero along with three other figures, namely Kunciatutu (Central Sulawesi), Sultan Aji Muhammad Idris (East Kalimantan), and Raden Aria Wangsakara (Banten).

Here, we review 5 films by Usmar Ismail, who is known as a journalist, writer, and director of this film.

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Profile of Usmar Ismail, the Pioneer of the Film Who Will Be Awarded the Title of National Hero

1. Harta Karun (1949)

The film is adapted from ‘L’Avare ou L’cole du mensonge’, by the French writer Moliere. Starring Rd Ismail, Rendra Soekarno, Djuriah Karno, Hamid Arief, Herawati, and Djauhari Effendi.

Tells about Abdulkadir (Rd Ismail) whose job is a loan shark. He disapproves of his daughter, Suliati (Djuriah Karno), dating Ahmad (Rd Sukarno). Although Ahmad was a secretary, Abdulkadir did not agree, because the young man was poor.

2. Blood and Prayer (1950)

This film by Usmar Ismail tells the story of an Indonesian fighter who falls in love with a German girl. Their sweet meeting took place at the refugee camp.

Blood and Prayer is the first Indonesian film to be officially produced by Indonesia as a country. The film’s first shooting date (30 March 1950) was later celebrated as National Film Day.

3. Lewat Djam Malam (1954)

Usmar’s work was successful in winning the award for Best Film FFI in 1955. Its actors, AN Alcaff and Dhalia were also selected as Best Actor and Best Actress at the same event.

Through Djam Malam tells the condition of Indonesia when it just proclaimed its independence from Dutch colonialism. At that time, the army was still trying to control the situation and held a curfew in the city of Bandung.

4. Tiga Dara (1956)

Three beautiful actresses of her time, Chitra Dewi, Mieke Wijaya, Indriati Iskak, were lined up to star in this musical comedy. After its release, Tiga Dara achieved fame, entering the highest box office of any Perfini film.

Usmar Ismail’s work was shown at the 1959 Venice Film Festival and won Best Musical Arrangement at the 1960 Indonesian Film Festival. However, the director considered the work to deviate from Perfini’s original vision.

5. Asrama Dara (1958)

Usmar Ismail returns to direct the musical. Starring a row of well-known artists namely Aminah Cendrakasih, Baby Huwae, Chitra Dewi, Bambang Hermanto, S. Bono, and Hassan Sanusi.

Dormitory Dara tells about the lives of the residents of the dormitory led by Mrs. Siti (Fifi Young) who have their own problems. Some fall in love with an old man, are forced to marry in their village, and become involved in a love triangle.

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Awarded the Title of National Hero, Here Are Usmar Ismail’s Film Works: Okezone Celebrity

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