3M factory near Antwerp closed – 3M in Flanders was allowed to discharge 720 times as much PFAS as Chemours in the Netherlands – Foodlog

3M factory near Antwerp closed 3M in Flanders was

“Everywhere we measure PFOS, we find it,” reported the Flemish Environment Agency (VMM) earlier this year, after analyzing 172 water samples from streams, canals and rivers. And so VMM will conduct further research in 250 places in Flanders, the Belgian authorities wrote media yesterday. “We want to find out how diffuse the spread of PFAS … Read more

Physical exercise and the postovid syndrome

Physical exercise and the postovid syndrome

Over the past year, the word pandemic has been inflected for all incidents and continues to cause fear in society. We already know a lot about our enemy, that he can change (mutate), we are equipped with vaccines and most importantly – we are not defenseless. Today, however, fear is not only the virus itself, … Read more

Four books that combine gastronomy and geography

Four books that combine gastronomy and geography

Containment has been there. Publishing houses, well aware that gourmets also need a good breath of fresh air, have been focusing since the start of the school year on gourmet trips and wine tourism. From France to the most distant countries, here is our selection of the latest publications that will transport you. Around the … Read more

Having a second child: 4 tips to delay the eldest child’s jealousy!

Having a second child 4 tips to delay the eldest

Having a second child, or a third, fourth, can be a real upheaval for the previous child, especially if it is close together. However, the jealousy of the elder towards the baby is far from inevitable. Here are some tips that can make a real big difference in the family, as they did in mine … Read more

On the wine route of Provence – Travel Me Happy – Travel blog

On the wine route of Provence Travel Me Happy

I take you to the PACA region for a wine tourism getaway on the route des Wines of Provence to rediscover this terroir that I love so much by going this time to meet the winegrowers who share their passion with me but also that they have for art, in all its forms, which sublimates … Read more

Bergell Alpine Path: Albigna – Casnil Sud Pass – Lägh da Cavloc

Bergell Alpine Path Albigna Casnil Sud Pass Lagh

Note: The following hiking description is an alpine tour (T4) that is not suitable for beginners. Whether we would do this partial stage of the Sentiero Alpino Bregaglia in the form described here was not yet clear to us when we shouldered our rucksacks in a clear blue sky at the Albigna mountain station last … Read more

Largest pumpkin exhibition in North Rhine-Westphalia – Krewelshof Eifel

Largest pumpkin exhibition in North Rhine Westphalia Krewelshof Eifel

A fantastic circus world with elephants, tigers or clowns as well as a giant pyramid await you at the Krewelshof Eifel, built from over 100,000 pumpkins. It is the largest pumpkin exhibition in North Rhine-Westphalia. You can experience the Pumpkin Festival 2021 with this year’s circus motto until November 6th. We went on a trip … Read more

Aus dem Nähkästchen: Was war, ist und sein wird – family4travel

Aus dem Nahkastchen Was war ist und sein wird

Es wird mal wieder Zeit für ein wenig Plauderei aus dem Nähkästchen. Normalerweise mache ich das im Juni zum Blog-Geburtstag. Diesmal bin ich nicht dazu gekommen. Es war einfach sehr, SEHR viel los in letzter Zeit. Deshalb wird sich hier auch einiges ändern. Grüße aus Binz Ich tippe diese Zeilen (na ja, den Anfang dieses … Read more

Glutenfri pumpapaj – Food Pharmacy

Glutenfri pumpapaj – Food Pharmacy

Food Pharmacy Store ABs integritetspolicy Food Pharmacy Store AB (“Food Pharmacy”) works to ensure that your privacy is protected when using our services. Food Pharmacy is responsible for the personal data that you send to us in accordance with the Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). In this privacy policy, we inform you about why and in … Read more

Green circular fertilizers – What are they, why do we want them and are we going to make it? – Food log

Green circular fertilizers What are they why do we

Green and/or circular fertilizers are concepts that came to life when the climate problem became clear to us. The concept of circular agriculture was removed from mothballs in order to reduce the import of fertilizers from other countries. The term is interpreted in many different ways. All this does not have to distract from the … Read more

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