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Sebastián Stan He is an actor born into a Romanian family, who little by little has built his acting career. Stan moved as a child from Romania, to Vienna, to New York, where he began to take acting seriously and later even studied abroad in London. Most of us know his name from the global MCU franchise, but Stan has been in the movie industry since 1997 with little cameo appearances.

Stan doesn’t shy away from taking on various independent roles, nor does he trust a preferred genre. From playing a gay man to portraying the life of a prince to portraying Bucky Barnes (whom we all love), he has done it all. His new spy movie the 355 is now available and the television series pam and tommy is close to launch. While you wait patiently, here is a list of 8 of Stan’s performances that are worth watching.

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8 Monday (2020)

Sebastian Stan on Monday via IFCFilms

Stan’s next project pam and tommy naturally asks for some nudity and he’s no stranger to that concept. Playing the adventurer Mickey in a dramatic movie called Monday It has certainly prepared you for efforts of this kind. Although we are not here to talk about her nudity, its importance has a deeper meaning as she fights against body dysmorphia. After the launch of Monday, the hateful comments began to criticize her figure, instead of focusing on the authentic performance she had given. Many decisions in the film make you want to bang your head against the wall, but it humanizes the characters. Stan interprets Mickey’s Peter Pan syndrome with just the right amount of nuance and charm.

7 The devil all the time (2020)


Big names like Tom Holland, Robert Pattinson and Bill Skarsgård accompany Stan on an all-time casting list for this crime flick. Stan, in particular, plays the character of Lee Bodecker, a corrupt city sheriff who suffers from alcoholism. We can’t mention this project without Stan’s good heart. After discovering that Netflix was not paying enough to some of the team members, he came out out of your own pocket to increase your earnings. The devil all the time looks at heavy topics like sexual abuse or pedophilia and is aimed at fortified audiences. Stan’s character kills for power to reach higher ranks. He manages to give us real pleasure with his intense performance.

6 The Last Complete Measure (2019)


Playing Pentagon investigator Scott Huffman gave Stan a chance to broaden his horizons and play someone who isn’t bad or dies in the end, but is loved and appreciated by his family. He plays a true and wonderful man who goes through an emotionally powerful journey to help veteran Pitsenbarger receive the Medal of Honor. The last full measure it’s based on a true story and you can’t help but immerse yourself in it. You can clearly see how Stan enjoys being in someone else’s shoes while acting in an identifiable way. He always gives his all to the characters he plays in the moment to help bring the story to life.

5 The Kings (2009)


We always see Stan playing someone important and this time it’s no different. He went on to play a gay Gilboa prince, Jack Benjamin, on the NBC television series. The Kings. He showed a phenomenal performance in scenes like when his father scolds him. The way you can express so many emotions with just your eyes is one of your strongest assets. Throughout the television series, he is forced to hide his sexual orientation due to his royal status. Thanks to Stan’s amazing performance, you can feel the suffering of the character even through the screen.

4 Political Animals (2012)


Although we love to see Stan playing happy characters, there is something about his emotionally broken characters that makes you feel for him. TJ Hammond’s character in political animals fights alcohol and drug abuse and is once again someone LGBTQ. The lack of support from his parents pushes the character over and over again. Stan gets him out of the park with the performance and you can’t help but want a happy ending for him. Just when Stan’s character began to improve, the show was canceled after its first season.

3 The Falcon and the Winter Soldier (2021)


You already know jazz; of course, we cannot forget about her most popular role. When Bucky Barnes made his first appearance in 2011 Captain America the First Avenger, Stan immediately did more with the role he had been given. It has arguably been that way until the MCU finally announced that it would be getting its own TV show alongside Falcon. Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan are so perfectly balanced that the action-packed series with plenty of humor is immediately re-watched. The Falcon and the Winter Soldier gives us an inside look at how Bucky deals with his PTSD and his own pent-up emotions.

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From Yo, Tonya (2017)


me, tonia It’s the movie that allowed Stan to leave Marvel behind and try something new. He entered this new territory playing Jeff Gilooly, Tonya Harding’s abusive ex-husband. It’s amazing how Stan can disappear into the movie; his appearance and voice are indistinguishable from his real self. His talent allows him to perfectly interpret the character of a toxic man. Stan and Margot Robbie (Tonya) combine each other’s emotions very well. The intensity of the performances was so strong that the actors had to control each other after a few takes.

1 Destructor (2018)


Chris Stan’s performance in destructor It is possibly one of the most underrated. Independent roles, such as the one he had in me, tonia, led him to try out other challenging projects that would help him grow as an actor. Stan and Nicole Kidman help bring the sad story of a police detective who tries to reconnect with people from her past case, further afield. Stan specifically does an excellent job of portraying a loyal and caring character, who loves his partner too much.


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