Amaia and Olivia Rodrigo’s Christmas carols, Jennifer Lopez’s waffles …

We are sharing a new edition of our «10 Pictures What» section with some of the photos / videos that have most amused or surprised us on social networks. Today, special Christmas.

Amaia singing ‘The fish in the river’

Just a few months ago, Amaia opened her profile on the fashion app TikTok, where she congratulated all her followers on Christmas by singing ‘Fish in the river’ with the famous duck playing the yembé. A version accelerated at 2x speed given the rhythm of the animal.

@amaia #duo con ♬ original sound – 48.3K 𝑨𝒏𝒈𝒆𝒍𝒔

Nicki’s Christmas

Nicki wanted to have a family portrait done for these dates. Her husband and son with her appear dressed in black and the most elegant, wishing the best for their fans.

Miley enjoying Christmas with the Cyrus

Miley Cyrus has reunited her family (dog and baby included) to spend this Christmas. This is how he has shown it with a most homely posing and with a caption in which he asks “Guess who is the only one who is not high.” Place your bets.

Rihanna remembers her childhood Christmas

These summer dates always soften our hearts and bring us memories of other times. Rihanna got nostalgic these days and has taken out of the trunk of memories a mini Riri posing with Santa while she had to tell him if she had been a good girl or not.

Mariah Carey goes to McDonalds to order her own Christmas menu

What better than to stop by McDonald’s before dinner on Christmas Eve, right? Well, that’s what Mariah Carey has done this year. Together with her family and dressed in gala she entered a chain store to order her ‘The Mariah Menu’, surprising all the employees.

Olivia Rodrigo and her first Christmas song

“Red and green is the queen of Christmas.” Thus begins ‘the bels’, the first Christmas carol written and produced by an adorable Olivia Rodrigo, just 5 years old, who anxiously awaits the arrival of Santa Claus and his gifts. His fans already demand the 2021 version on Spotify.

Zahara and her sad tree

Zahara, author of the best album of 2021, celebrated this Christmas with a scrawny and somewhat amorphous tree from which hung ornaments as peculiar as a giraffe with multicolored spots, a Christmas dog and even a dinosaur.

Dua Lipa medium in balls

The thing that the cold is psychological Dua Lipa has taken it to the extreme. In the garden and with only underwear and some super Hello Kitty boots, the singer congratulated this Christmas, which has passed between skincare sessions and delicious breakfasts.

Jennifer Lopez cooking waffles

“How many premiums does it take to make a waffle?” J Lo wondered as he tried to throw a few these parties. Together with his five cousins, he managed to cook them with cream and red berries included and with a look that just by looking at them, your sugar rises.

Little Shawn Mendes

Shawn Mendes has also looked back at Christmas past and has dusted off a photo in which with a Harry Potter pajamas, he happily opened a soccer ball, another of his great passions.

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Amaia and Olivia Rodrigo’s Christmas carols, Jennifer Lopez’s waffles …

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