Anthony Hopkins:

The actor Anthony Hopkins shared this friday in Mexico XXI century, event organized by the TELMEX Telcel Foundation, that the secret of his greatness was to learn and accept how small one is in this universe, and thus dominate the ego.

Hopkins narrated that one of the great revelations of his life happened to him in 1975, when he was facing serious alcohol problems due to the pressure and anxiety of his acting careerBut he discovered that he was something insignificant in such a vast universe and that gave him a freedom that he had never experienced before.

“It was insignificant within a grand scheme. Once you realize that you are not that important, you gain tremendous freedom (…) A friend asked me how I felt, I answered that I felt very little and he replied: ‘you are’, that was liberating ” .

Anthony Hopkins

The actor assured that after that moment found the space to do things for himself without self-destruction and thus overcame addictions, but also changed his way of seeing the world.

And he said that when you are a young actor you feel your best and that generates depression and anxietyBut by getting over the idea and “understanding how small or insignificant you are, you gain the freedom to do whatever you want,” Hopkins said.

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“Pull the reins to the ego”

The multi-award-winning actor explained that the secret is to learn to “pull the reins on the ego”, because throughout history “we have seen people who cannot control their ego and they end up becoming monsters ”.

The actor recalled that on one occasion he felt depressed about not being able to play a role, but “I suddenly thought it was none of my business what people thought or said about me.”

“I am what I am and I do what I do for fun, because I love doing it, that’s the wonderful game of life, there is nothing to gain, nothing to prove. No pressure, no problem ”.

Anthony Hopkins

Anthony Hopkins: from a child with no future to a prolific actor

Anthony Hopkins rose to fame for her portrayal of Hannibal Lecter in the “The Silence of the Innocents”, a performance that led to him winning his first Oscar for best actor in 1991, but in his childhood He was described as “a child without a future.”

Hopkins recalled that, as a child, he was a bad student and did not understand anything about the subjects he was taking, to such an extent that one day they sent a note to his parents to tell them that he was well below the academic level of the school and that his future was not promising.

“I remember that at that moment I looked at my parents, without anger or resentment, and I told them: ‘I will show it to you one day’ (…) what happened at that moment was a change in a switch in my mind to leave my insecurities behind ; ‘I’m sick of depression, fear and anxiety’; four months later he had a scholarship to an acting school when he had never acted before ”.

Anthony Hopkins

The actor said that 10 years later he was already at the Lawrence Olivier National Theater and playing the son of Peter O’Toole, an actor he considered a genius, in the movie “The Lion in Winter.”

On 2021 Anthony Hopkins won his second Oscar for his brilliant work on “The Father”, becoming the longest-lived person to win as best actor.

Everyone must seek their inner power

Although the actor considers that the pandemic has been a “difficult” time for humanity due to the loss of family, friends and loved ones, Anthony Hopkins sent a message to young Mexicans through Mexico Siglo XXI.

“What I tell young people is to have confidence in themselves, people may say that this is presumptuous, but it is not.”

Anthony Hopkins

The two-time Oscar winner said the message to all young people is that look for the power that you have within them and unleash it.

In addition, he recommended one of his favorite books: “Man’s Search for Meaning”, by Victor Frankl, who survived the concentration camp in Auschwirz and always kept the dream of finding meaning in life.

What would you have liked to do?

Sir Anthony Hopkins is not only an actor, too He is a composer, director, producer, cartoonist, writer, musician and painter; but when asked if there is something that he would have liked to do and could not, he replied that he would have loved it learn more languages, especially Spanish because his wife is Colombian.

Another concern that he did not meet is that he would have liked to be more athleticsince he lives in California and would have liked be able to surf.

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Anthony Hopkins:

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