Elliot Page: the trans visibility of 2021 – 24 Hours

«Hello friends, I want to share with you that I am trans, my pronouns are he / they and my name is Elliot. I feel lucky to be writing this. To be here. To have come to this place in my life. With those words Elliot Page A trans man declared himself at the end of 2020, giving visibility to a community whose life expectancy is 35 years, according to various associations, the majority being women.

Why do we talk about trans visibility?

Elliot He is a well-known actor with a long career, his appearances in films and television could be considered by many people as a privilege but the reality is that he has also raised his voice for them and his message is for there to be a loving and egalitarian community.

It was not until March 2021 that he gave his first interview for the magazine TIME in which he talked about how he took the step and show himself as such. “This feeling of true excitement and deep gratitude for having reached this point in my life is mixed with a lot of fear and anxiety.”

In May he showed his body for the first time after undergoing a mastectomy. “This trans baby’s first swimsuit” was the actor’s message next to the photo in which he poses in a pool.

Generating millions of likes on September 13, he appeared on a red carpet, but not just anyone. The actor went through the with Gala causing impact due to the physical change she has had since she announced she was trans.

“For a long time I couldn’t even look at a photo of myself. Even though I was an actor, putting on a women’s shirt made me feel bad, “he revealed in an interview with Time.

According to experts, Elliot He showed a different demeanor prior to his change making it clear that he was comfortable with himself.

Elliot awaits 2022 with different projects, one of them is the new season of The Umbrella Academy Although there is no date yet, many followers are looking forward to it.

What other trans people featured in 2021?

Page He was not the only trans person who appeared this year, there are more characters who did the same in their respective areas.

On a musical level Alejandra Ghersi, better known as Arca released four materials this month. The Serie Kick (I, II, III, IIII, IIIII) was praised by specialized critics.

Luisa Almaguer, Mexican singer and activist was also part of the trans people who appeared thanks to the launch of Mechicxs (pronounced Mechiques), a podcats in which together with Marcela lecuona Y Coty camacho They talk about pop culture but focused on people from the LGBTTTIQ + community and respecting the pronouns of non-binary people.

Zemmoa released his latest material What you make Me Feel in which, based on pop, he has guests like Tessa Ia, Valentina, Nomi Ruiz Y america Fendi. In an interview he told us about his journey as an independent artist. “I am very persistent with my project. I have managed to do quality things just with my effort.”


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Elliot Page: the trans visibility of 2021 – 24 Hours

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