Funny escapist pastiche: Dwayne Johnson, Gal Gadot and Ryan Reynolds star in Red Alert

There is an expression in English that perfectly defines what the production process of this film could have been: no-brainer. That is to say, it falls out of mature, in this case, that if one seeks a success in terms of blockbuster mindless, few things better than the starring trio of Red alert You can find.

Dwayne Johnson, Gal Gadot and Ryan Reynolds are sure cards of success, even when they fail, because their aura and charisma is such that even when the film does not work at the box office (or is directly bad) they manage, until now, to come out unscathed. .

Here, from the hand of the director and screenwriter Rawson Marshall Thurber (who had already coincided with Johnson in other minor entertainment: Skyscraper) are put to play a familiar game: Johnson is the tough action hero, Gadot the mysterious fatal Woman and Reynolds the unstoppable chatterbox. That is to say, what they have been systematically in a large part of their respective filmographies. Watching them interact with each other is the best thing about this new Netflix premiere: they have fun while entertaining viewers.

Three crooks after … some Egyptian eggs or something

There is a legend that says that there are three Egyptian relics, some golden eggs, that belonged to Cleopatra and that they are invaluable. One is lost and the other two are kept in very safe places. Until Nolan Booth (Reynolds), the second best art thief in the world, comes into action, with alleged information about the whereabouts of the lost egg and the idea of ​​stealing the other two. This is known by John Hartley (Johnson), an FBI agent who mobilizes Interpol and travels half the world to arrest Booth. But there is also the number one art thief, El Obispo (Gadot), who always seems to be one step ahead, which will end up forcing the other two characters to collaborate on an awkward buddy movie, or rather, an alliance forced by circumstances.

The argument is not too complex nor will its resolution be. On the contrary, as if it were a post race, we will see Johnson and Reynolds overcome different difficulties in more or less silly but always funny ways, as Gadot complicates the matter for them. There are impossible robberies, constant hunts, enemies to defeat (a very inept Interpol agent played by Ritu Arya, a sadistic and competent villain in charge of an effective Chris Diamantopoulos), and the feeling of constant activity that helps us to ignore that we are facing a nonsense, a nonsense for which you have to turn off the brain.

The charisma of the leading trio is bulletproof, as well as a certain tone or tribute to classic adventures (Indiana Jones with music and Nazis included) that orchestrates the almost 120 minutes of the story, which never feel heavy.

There is a lot of production behind this adventure – except in the curious jungle of Telgopor where the climax occurs, surprisingly artificial – that does exactly what it promises if one agrees to play its game and puts aside all possible cynicism. If you are looking for great cinema, this is not the right place. But just to laugh for a while, it is one of the best Netflix options.

Red alert. 118 minutes. On Netflix.

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Funny escapist pastiche: Dwayne Johnson, Gal Gadot and Ryan Reynolds star in Red Alert

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