Jennifer Aniston, María Pombo and other celebrities who have confessed their rhinoplasty

Call it breath septorhinoplasty, call it nose retouch, but the facial change is more than evident on the faces of some of the celebrities that we see every day, both in the national scene and internationally. With the firm intention of normalize aesthetic touch-ups in favor of greater physical security in oneself, influencers such as Maria Pombo or legendary models like Tyra Banks they have spoken repeatedly and even on television ‘prime times’ about their nose operations. On the dark side of this sincerity, there are still many celebrities who prefer not to talk about rhinoplasty or other aesthetic touch-ups, appealing to their undoubted right to privacy or openly denying their visit to the aesthetic doctor.

Lisa Kudrow

Lisa Kudrow, before and after rhinoplasty. (Instagram @lisakudrow / Getty)

Perhaps one of the most surprising confessions was that of the actress Lisa Kudrow. Precisely, in the reunion of ‘Friends’, one of the most repeated comments was the one that pointed out that her co-stars had undergone many cosmetic adjustments and she had not done any. However, in an interview with ‘The Saturday Evening Post’, Kudrow explained that had rhinoplasty as a teenager and immediately afterwards he changed institute, so he never had to explain his nose change to anyone. “I did it the summer before changing centers […]. It was good, very good, it was a good change ”.

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Maria Pombo

María Pombo, before and after rhinoplasty. (Getty)

Faced with that discreet retouch that Lisa Kudrow confessed to an American media, we find María Pombo. The influencer has undergone several interventions to find the shape she wanted. A adolescence injury he deflected the partition and the way he was left after correcting it never satisfied him. María has been documenting each of her rhinoplasties, normalizing this type of retouching as much as possible and solving common doubts.

Queen Letizia

Queen Letizia, before and after rhinoplasty. (Getty / Cordon Press)

Justified as a Septorhinoplasty to correct deviated septum of Queen Letizia, the change in shape, bridge and size of her nose is indisputable and this has been confirmed by several doctors. However, it only costs one septorhinoplasty in 2008 confirmed by the Royal Family.

Cameron Diaz

Cameron Diaz, before and after rhinoplasty. (Still from ‘The mask’ / Cordon Press)

The case of Cameron Diaz is most curious. While her snub nose was plump in her early films, according to the actress, it wasn’t until 2006 that she was forced to touch up her nose, when broke it for the fourth time in a car accident. Just take a look at her extensive filmography to see that the change in her nose has accompanied her throughout the years.

Soraya Arnelas

Soraya Arnelas, before and after rhinoplasty. (Getty)

Through her social media profiles, Soraya Arnelas was broadcasting his rhinoplasty with total honesty. A deviated septum problem in the nose can affect the resonance when singing, so the singer was encouraged to undergo surgery and took the opportunity to modify her shape. She documented the entire process with photographs, did not hide during the postoperative period and proudly showed the end result when everything happened.

Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston, before and after rhinoplasty. (Still from ‘Camp Cucamonga’ / Getty)

He has never denied that he relies on aesthetic medicine to maintain an excellent relationship with time, but Jennifer Aniston has only confessed to a single surgery, that of her nose. In an interview with ‘People’, when asked about the rumors of plastic surgery on his nose and chest, the actress replied that she was amused by those comments and that the only thing The nose had been operated on, because of that deviated septum, “The best thing I have done in my life. I slept like a baby for the first time in years. ” The rest, he confessed, is all his no matter how boring it sounds.

Nagore Robles

Nagore Robles, before and after rhinoplasty. (Mediaset / Instagram @nagore_robles)

The television Nagore Robles not only spoke openly about his nose operation but also made his followers participate in all his complicated process. What was to be a routine operation to touch the cartilage ended in drama because the surgeon altered the shape of his nose by breaking the septum and filing, which ended up deviating the septum. As a result of this failed operation, Nagore had to undergo rhinoplasty again.

Tyra Banks

Tyra Banks, before and after rhinoplasty. (Instagram @tyrabanks)

Tyra Banks also opened up to ‘People’ when talking about the pressure for beauty. The model found that natural beauty is unfair and not everyone is born with that luck: “It is very unfair when women with such natural beauty judge those who retouch”. For Banks, surgery is the great ally in finding the version of oneself that is most comfortable to find. Aware of the excuse “I operated my nose because I could not breathe,” Tyra explained to the magazine that the bones in her nose were growing and were beginning to bother her, so she decided to correct them with the help of surgery. “At last I could breathe well, but in the intervention I resorted to cosmetic surgery. I admit it! I have extensions and I did a nose job. I feel like I have a responsibility to tell the truth. ”

Courtney Love

Courtney Love, before and after rhinoplasty. (Getty)

Little or nothing remains of Courtney Love’s famous nose and the explanation was given by herself on the Jimmy Kimmel show: “Let’s face it, she had a really big nose and her idiot was getting me nowhere“Apparently, the rhinoplasty was performed when he was 20 years old and in a few months his life completely changed.

Carmen alcayde

Carmen Alcayde, before and after rhinoplasty. (Still from ‘Here’s Tomato’ / Instagram @alcayde_carmen)

The naturalness and closeness that characterize Carmen Alcayde have made the journalist speak openly about her rhinoplasties. Not happy with the natural shape of your nose, has undergone several interventions to achieve the bridge and tip of his dreams and explains it whatever the medium, whenever they ask him about his image.

Belén Esteban

Belén Esteban, before and after rhinoplasty. (Cordon Press)

Another televised rhinoplasty, perhaps the best known in Spain is that of Belén Esteban. Step by step, the entire audience of ‘Save me’ attended the process with which he would recover his nose. The day of his reappearance on the air, with a new nose and a visibly happier face, has become the history of Spanish television and a record of audiences.


The singer Anitta, before and after rhinoplasty. (Getty / Instagram @anitta)

When the Brazilian singer Anitta visited our country, she went to the Pablo Motos program, who asked her directly about her retouching. The Brazilian, neither short nor lazy, not only spoke openly about her passage through the operating room, but also She called herself an advocate for everyone to do what they want with their body. “If you want to do something, don’t stop doing it just because people are going to talk,” he answered the presenter. With 8 cosmetic surgeries on her face, Anitta assured between laughs: “I designed my face”. His nose was too prominent, so he shortened it and later balanced his chin to achieve a more harmonious profile.

Dianna Agron

Dianna Agron, before and after rhinoplasty. (Instgaram @diannaagron / Getty)

Somewhat less known in our country, Dianna Agron, one of the protagonists of the series ‘Glee’, also spoke openly about her rhinoplasty on the David Letterman show. Precisely in Fox’s fiction, his character secretly underwent a nose job and hid it for years, something that is close to the true story of the actress. Dianna broke her nose twice, the first time at a high school party and the second time at a party with her co-stars. Faced with such a change in the shape of her nose, she underwent a rhinoplasty to fix it.

Sergio Ramos

A header made Sergio Ramos have to undergo a nose job. (Cordon Press / EFE)

After two injuries on the field of play that broke his nose, deviating the septum, Sergio Ramos underwent a rhinoplasty with which he corrected the deviation and changed the shape and size, completely transforming his face. 10 years later, another blow to the nose generated a bone fracture, according to the Real Madrid part. The solution was to play with a mask and undergo a new intervention.

Iggy Azalea

Iggy Azalea, before and after rhinoplasty. (Getty)

To close this round of confessed rhinoplasty, we couldn’t stop talking about Iggy Azalea, that, although she had never hidden her cosmetic touch-ups, she took advantage of the birthday of her cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Ashkan Ghavami, to thank him for having given him her breasts and her “fabulous nose”. He took advantage of the Instagram post to claim the importance of not judging bodies: “Ash, you are hilarious, talented, eclectic, a progressive thinker and someone who supports women in their choice to do what they want with their OWN bodies (Many men do not share that feeling) ”, he sentenced.

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Jennifer Aniston, María Pombo and other celebrities who have confessed their rhinoplasty

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