Jennifer Aniston uses this brush (made in Spain) to get the best blow drying for her hair

The brush you use to shape your hair may not seem relevant enough to you, but its power is very influential. Beyond that technique of brushing be more or less affordable, which of course also depends on it, the finish also depends on it. So much so, that when you try a tool like the one Jennifer Aniston uses (made in Spain, by the way) you go from the expression “good” to “what a wonder” when you see the result in front of the mirror.

Every time we see the protagonist of Friends on the red carpet causes us that kind of amazement. Her hair takes on a magnificent character with wide waves and a lot of movement. But also with a sublime shine This is not only a consequence of its treatment with high-end shampoos, conditioners, masks or fixing sprays. The tools that go into your hairstyle are essential. “More often than you think, brush can make a difference. Of course, a good blow dryer and the optimal styling lotion are also important, but the right brush has the power to increase the shine, softness and awesomeness of your hair, “Jennifer’s stylist commented in an article for Allure. Aniston, Chris McMilan, who has also shown Courteney Cox the benefits of this brush.

Specialists have always known how to recognize the added value that the use of a brush such as the Ibiza Hair Brush B4. The general public, on the other hand, tends to underestimate the power over the finish of such a tool, conferring most of the responsibility for a haircut (if not all) to the products that have been used or the artist who has executed the design. hairstyle. We look at the price and if we see it exorbitant (in our opinion) we tend to consider that its potential does not deserve such an appreciation. In fact, it is very likely that it will surprise you and think that it is not necessary to spend the almost 50 euros that this brush costs. But you are wrong.

Since the pandemic broke into our lives, the tendency to home hairstyle has been in crescendo so that many people have launched into the purchase of tools that before were not even raised. With this, they have discovered that the finish also depends on a good brush. “I love this brush, thinking of buying more”, “Using this is really a game changer” or “I will buy this brush again and again”, are some of the opinions of users who have bought the Ibiza Hair Brush B4 .

The creators of the made in Spain brand have several product lines. The B, where the brush we are talking about is framed, has blonde boar bristles, ideal for colored hair and fine hair. These types of bristles make hair look shinier. And when it comes to use, the hair is held for styling, but not trapped, so that it does not break or uproot. Together with his ergonomic handleWhich is noteworthy aside, working your hair is much easier because you don’t have to do impossible poses to get the twist you need and you don’t end up with hand or arm pain every time you comb your hair. Its materials withstand high temperatures so it is ideal to create waves to taste with the help of the dryer.

In the last decades, the beauty industry has been replacing the classic brushes, those that our mothers used to comb their hair every day, with other electrical tools. But brush will always remain a foolproof option To achieve the desired hairstyle, whether you need to straighten or create waves. You just have to find the one that best suits your hair type. Jennifer Aniston’s, the Ibiza Hair Brush B4, is ideal for volumizing, especially on the crown. And it is perfect for midi and long cuts.

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Jennifer Aniston uses this brush (made in Spain) to get the best blow drying for her hair

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