Stella Arroyave, the woman who guides Anthony Hopkins

He will turn 83 on the last day of this month, and although he spends his days locked up in his mansion in the mountains of Malibu protecting himself from the coronavirus as anyone his age would, this will be a very special December for Anthony Hopkins, as he still has the closed cinemas in much of the United States, will reach the theaters of the country that are open and also by video on demand not one but two of his films. On December 25, El padre, which will also hit Spanish screens in those days, will be released, the adaptation of the successful play by Frenchman Florian Zeller that shows the advancement of Alzheimer’s in an older man. This interpretation places him as a sure candidate for his sixth Oscar nomination, with which he has many numbers to take his second statuette.

But it is his other film, Elyse , the one closest to his heart, although there his character is only a cast, that of a psychiatrist who cares for a woman (Lisa Pepper) with a serious mental illness. This is because the director is none other than his wife, Colombian Stella Arroyave Hopkins, 18 years his junior, with whom he has been married since 2003.

This is not the first time that the two collaborate artistically, since she debuted as an actress shortly after becoming involved in his life, in 2003, in The human stain , with a small role in a production that starred Anthony and in which Nicole Kidman and Ed Harris also worked. And in 2007, she shared the poster as equals with her husband in the third and last film that Anthony made as a director, Slipstream .

A still from the movie ‘Elyse’, where Anthony plays a doctor

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They have coincided in other movies

She made her acting debut shortly after falling in love with the actor, in 2003, in ‘La mancha humana’

Born in Popayán, a small city not too far from Cali, after finishing her studies in Colombia, she went to New York with the dream of becoming a lawyer, but after spending time there she changed her mind and moved to Los Angeles looking for another. dream, to be an actress. He didn’t make it, but he met Swedish director Gunnar Hellström, who worked in Hollywood on series like The law of the revolver and Jim West , spending seasons with him in Sweden, where he witnessed filming of Ingmar Bergman. When he separated from Hellström, he chose to stay in Los Angeles and ended up opening an antique business and art gallery in Pacific Palisades, a neighborhood of rich people not far from Malibu: “There came a time when I wanted to have a really simple life. , until one day he came in and it was love at first sight, or at least I think so “, confesses Stella in a recent interview to promote her film. The crush was so strong that a year after that chance encounter, they held a wedding at Anthony’s home, attended by, among others, Steven Spielberg, Nicole Kidman, Winona Ryder, Catherine Zeta Jones and Hopkins’s mother, Muriel.

Many times the actor has pointed out that his life changed completely when he met her, and that it was thanks to Stella that he managed to calm his own demons and his addiction to alcohol. Years ago, Hopkins pointed out in a meeting with the press while outlining a smile: “I am married to a woman who has an optimism that is proof of everything. Since he opens his eyes he is happy. He tells me all the time to stop worrying and live in the moment. She taught me to enjoy life. I was about to kill myself years ago because of alcohol, I was on the edge of the precipice but I took a step back and now I know that every day that I live is a gift ”.

Stella maintains that those were not the only changes he made in Anthony’s life, since now the Welsh actor has become a regular at certain flavors of Colombia: “Tony loves arepas. He eats one for breakfast almost every day, and we also listen to a lot of Colombian music together. I have many Latin American friends who come to our house, they like to dance and tickle her, they laugh and hug each other all the time. Due to my Colombian nature, I wake up every day smiling and wanting to dance, far from the Welsh temperament, which is much duller. I think that together we have found a good balance, but if one thing is clear it is that Colombia is very present in our lives, “he said with a contagious joy that explains Anthony’s infatuation.

A Colombian and a Welshman

“I am married to a woman who has an optimism that is proof of everything,” said the actor of his wife

According to Arroyave, it has even influenced him in his paintings, since he usually tells him that he uses red and orange much more than before: “It must be the influence of your Latin culture,” he reveals that he often tells him.

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Stella Arroyave, the woman who guides Anthony Hopkins

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