The incredible story of actor Anthony Hopkins who found happiness with a Colombian

Anthony Hopkins and his wife Stella Arroyave

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For many the Welsh actor Anthony Hopkins He is a living myth, a condition that he reaffirmed with his second Oscar for Best Actor for his performance in The father, an unprecedented event for an 83-year-old man who went down in history when he played Hannibal Lecter in The silence of the inocents, with which he achieved his first Oscar.

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Today this man with a deep gaze, a restrained and emotional acting, accepts that his complex personality that captivated the world is the product of his circumstances. Coming from a working-class family, he was the only child of a baker and a housewife. Remember that as a child he hardly spoke and was a terrible student. His parents, in response, sent him to boarding school at age 11, where things did not improve. “I remember the first day of class. I sat there, completely petrified, and that feeling stayed with me throughout my childhood and adolescence. I grew up absolutely convinced that it was stupid, ”he told Playboy magazine.

It was a time when Hopkins was the mockery of his classmates and teachers. “I hated being rejected and being made fun of. I have a recurring dream that I am out of the group. I do not belong. They humiliate me and I wake up. ”. He remembers many painful passages that startle and haunt him. “That has stayed with me for the rest of my life. And that’s why I became an actor, “he said in an interview with New York Times.

At age 15, a chance meeting with Richard Burton would change his life. “He told me that he became an actor because he was not worth any job. Then he got into his Jaguar and drove off. At that moment I understood that I needed to get out of there. Stop being who you were, ”Hopkins recalled when New York Times.

In 1973 he decided to travel to Los Angeles to conquer Hollywood. Success, fame, and money were the important thing. He drank too much and left his first wife, fellow actress Petronella Barker, and their little daughter Abigail, to pursue goals. Although years later father and daughter had an approach, they are totally estranged. His detachment is such that in an interview with RadioTimes in 2018 they asked him if he had grandchildren, to which he replied: “I have no idea. The families divide and you move on ”. In 1975 his addiction to alcohol hit rock bottom when he woke up in an Arizona hotel not knowing how he got there. More than 45 years have passed without the actor having relapsed into drinking.


The actor who gained a reputation for being confrontational, hot-tempered and temperamental on set, stated that he spent a lot of time trying to put his dark side behind him. Although after his divorce with Jennifer Lynton, then 29 years of marriage, the actor confessed that he wanted to be a lone wolf, independent and without any sentimental ties, the appearance of the Colombian Stella Arroyave, 18 years younger than him, saved him from a new relapse.

After their chance meeting in an antique store, the couple married in 2003. The influence of his new partner made Hopkins take an interest in painting, in addition to drawing closer to his admirers. Today is, thanks to Mark Wahlberg, who encouraged him to share his personal moments on Twitter and Instagram, a real star on social networks. His everyday videos are viral and he appears as a happy grandfather dancing to songs by Drake, Fleetwood Mac with his cat, or Elvis Crespo with Stella.

At 83 years old, he affirms that he has never been so happy as after turning 75. “I am married to a woman who has an optimism that is proof of everything. Since he opens his eyes he is happy. He tells me all the time to stop worrying and live in the moment. He taught me to enjoy life. I was about to kill myself years ago because of alcohol, I was on the edge of the precipice, but I took a step back and now I know that every day that I live is a gift ”. The demons that tormented him most of his life are things of the past, he commented in an interview on La

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The incredible story of actor Anthony Hopkins who found happiness with a Colombian

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