Travis Scott, Kanye West, and other rappers who became Santa’s helpers this Christmas

Kanye West y Travis Scott.

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Christmas is a very special time, a season in which the heart fills with gratitude for all that we have received. Sharing, giving and serving are part of the traditions of the end of the year and perhaps a donation to a non-profit cause can make a total difference in the life of someone in need of help.

The stars of the world of music, for example, lead a life of excess in which they do not deprive themselves of buying endless luxury items, but when these dates arrive, some of them consider that it is time to share their good luck with the less fortunate.

Travis Scott, for example, re-organized the ‘Cactus Jack’ campaign to deliver bikes, skateboards, dolls, miniature golf sets, and other gifts to families in Houston, Texas, and also helped to replace those that had been stolen from a local church, which were to be distributed among families in the parish who could not afford to buy them.

This is also his first public appearance since the tragedy that occurred at the Astroworld Festival last November, although this year, unlike the previous one, Kylie Jenner could not accompany him, as we remember that she is expecting her second baby and will probably be find yourself in the last trimester of your pregnancy.

It is worth mentioning that last February when millions of people in the United States went through difficult times due to a cold wave that caused severe snow storms in Texas, Travis also decided to contribute to his home state and donated hot food, which will reach 50,000 people affected by this natural disaster.

Earlier this week, Kanye West He showed his more supportive side and participated in an initiative in Chicago, his hometown, which led him to buy more than 4,000 toys with the help of local businesses and humanitarian organizations to distribute them among 2,500 children.

In the same way, it transpired that in addition to the toys for the minors, the relatives of the children who attended the collection received food and gifts.

The charity event comes just days after it was reported that Ye will be “homeless in a year” because he is going to convert all his properties “into churches.”

The Canadian artist Tory Lanez He also made his contribution by dressing up as Santa Claus at an event to give toys to single mothers and children in the Florida area where he grew up.

In the videos that have been shared on social networks, he can be seen at work, helping to pack bicycles and load them in car trunks. He even handed out snacks and took time to chat with those in need.

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Travis Scott, Kanye West, and other rappers who became Santa’s helpers this Christmas

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