You can rent the vintage looks of Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner

If the wardrobes of fashion experts are characterized by something, it is because they have found in the past the key to being the pioneers of the present. The craze for vintage fashion has pushed firms like Gucci to organize a special exhibition during a single night in which in Dazio di Ponente, Piazza Sempione, the brand presented a selection of exquisite vintage pieces from Gucci selected by Alessandro Michele and creations by emerging talents from around the world available in the online concept store.

If we were to talk about the firm in whose past celebrities have found the most suggestive designs, we would not hesitate for a moment and point to Jean Paul Gaultier, whose vintage creations are the favorites of today’s style icons, who paradoxically is They distinguish themselves from the rest not by wearing the most innovative trends, but by showing off the designs that were seen on the catwalk in past decades.

Bella Hadid. (Instagram)

Bella Hadid has worn couture designs of the brand presented 12 years ago, as is the case of this impressive bubblegum pink strapless dress with which Lily Cole walked, and creations that were seen on the catwalk in 2002 on the silhouette of Naomi Campbell, And of course this obsession with the Gaultier archive is shared with her friend and colleague by profession. Kendall Jenner. The Cyber ​​collection, dating from 1995, is the favorite of celebrities, since since Lizzo even Kim Kardashian have opted for designs from this acclaimed fashion show impossible to forget.

Bella Hadid. (Reuters)

From 2019 to 2020, Gaultier searches increased, according to data from Desire, at 41%, and brand interest continues to rise with no hint of having to hit the brakes in mind. Now that their designs from the past are the new ‘it bag’ and the way in which celebs can differentiate themselves from the rest, since getting an archive garment is not only a matter of money, but of contacts, now vintage is the favorite formula of fashion. But Jean Paul Gaultier is not only a genius of fashion, but also of business, and therefore, aware of the interest that his designs arouse among the new generations, he has decided to allow his clients to rent one of the 30 pieces that are part of it. of the file that will be available within this initiative.

Gaultier’s sketch. (EFE)

Through it, we can even get hold of the famous corsets that Madonna popularized on the ‘Blonde Ambition’ tour. Prices will start at 150 euros and will reach 700 euros, and with this proposal the designer trusts that new generations can enjoy experiencing the brand, which will soon also launch a vintage category in which fans of its universe can get hold of designs. second brand of Gaultier, which will put on sale 50 exclusive pieces from private clients and resale experts and that can be purchased through the firm’s website, which since it operates without Jean Paul Gaultier being in charge of the house , is immersed in a process of renewal together with its new creative director, Florence Tétier.

This new strategy will also have a sales system through drops, which faces the traditional system, and with renowned collaborations. Getting the wardrobe of Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner for a limited time, and at a much more accessible price than you might think, is now possible thanks to this adventure with which Jean Paul Gaultier hopes to win the trust of generation Z, Thanks to the renewed interest of famous women in the past designs of the brand, Gaultier has found a benchmark that differentiates the most common cabinets from the truly exclusive and exquisite.

The garments go viral in just a few days, the brands send their key looks to celebs and influencers causing them to be repeated infinitely in the feed of the networks and vintage is therefore the secret of those who seek outfits that, Instead of going viral, they want to enjoy the power of difference. Fashion increasingly looks to the past, in which it finds a moment of tranquility and happiness to cling to in moments of tension and problems, and for this reason it has discovered the ability of vintage fashion to bring serenity and, of course, the effect ‘wow’ that is pursued in the networks.

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You can rent the vintage looks of Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner

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