Copy of Cahaya Wholesale 14 Cups, Here’s the Complete List of 2021 FFI Winners: Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Citra Trophy Award Festival Film Indonesia (FFI) which was held at the Jakarta Convention Center, Central Jakarta has been completed, on November 10, 2021. The event became a big party for films Light Copier dominating the trophy.

Jerome Kurnia, winner of the 2021 FFI Best Supporting Actor, said that there was a message that Wregas Bhanuteja had inserted in the film. Light Copier. “I am happy to be a part of this project, because there is an important message in it, namely the issue of equality and non-violence,” he said.

The following is the complete list of winners of the 2021 Indonesian Film Festival:

1.Best Long Story Film: Light Copier

2. Best Director: Wregas Bhanuteja – Light Copywriter

3.Best Male Lead: Chicco Kurniawan – Light Copy

4.Best Female Lead: Arawinda Kirana – Yuni

5.Best Original Screenwriter: Henricus Male, Wregas Bhanuteja – Light Copy

6. Best Adapted Screenwriters: Gea Rexy, Bagus Bramanti, Charles Gozali – Buddy Ambyar

7. Best Cinematography Director: Gunnar Nimpuno, ICS – Light Copywriter

8. Best Artistic Director: Dita Gambiro – Light Copier

9.Best Visual Effects Stylist: Bintang Adi Pradana – Thugs

10. Best Picture Editor: Ahmad Yuniardi – Light Copywriter

11. Best Voiceover: Sutrisno, Satrio Budiono – Light Copier

12. Best Music Organizer: Yennu Ariendra – Light Copywriter

13.Best Theme Song Creator: Mian Tiara (Mian Tiara, Shenina Cinnamon, Dea Panendra – Under the Giant Sky) – Light Copier

14.Best Dress Stylist: Fadillah Putri Yunidar – Light Copy

15.Best Makeup Artist: Novie Ariyanti – Preman

16.Best Male Supporting Actor: Jerome Kurnia – Light Copy

17.Best Supporting Actress: Marissa Anita – Ali & Queens

18.Best Short Story Film: The Sea Calls Me – Tumpal Tampubolon

19. Best Long Documentary Film: Invisible Hopes – Lamtiar Simorangkir

20. Best Short Documentary Film: Three Faces in the Land of Sharia – Davi Abdullah

21.Best Animated Film: Nussa – Bony Wirasmono

22. Best Animated Short Film: Ahasveros – Bobby Fernando

23. Best Film Criticism: Ali & The Queens of Queens: The Nuclear Family and Traces of the “American Dreams” – Aulia Adam

24. Favorite Actor: Angga Yunanda

25. Favorite Actress: Prilly Latuconsina

26. Favorite Movie: Ali & Queens

FFI 2021 records the film Light Copier entered in 17 nominations and brought home 14 Citra Cup. Congratulations to all the winners of FFI 2021.*

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Copy of Cahaya Wholesale 14 Cups, Here’s the Complete List of 2021 FFI Winners: Okezone Celebrity

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