Fedez trolls Italian journalists … his descent into politics is a colossal marketing campaign for “Inhuman”

Fedez shows himself the usual marketing genius and a few weeks ago he started the promotional campaign for his new album, Inhuman.

After announcing the release of the disc (see who) with a lot of tracklist, cover and duets, the artist had fun trolling the Italian press (or perhaps to demonstrate how much it is willing to pretend not to understand that it is facing a fake news to make a title attracts clicks) spreading clues about his possible descent into politics.

In recent days, in fact, the fact that a web domain had been created has appeared on the main online newspapers FedezElezioni2023, a clear sign that the singer and influencer was ready, after countless battles carried out in recent years against politicians, priests and power in general and, at the same time, in favor of causes such as that of the DDL ZAN, to go down in politics.

And just yesterday for Fedez the moment of truth has come …


In all his social pages the artist has published a video that incorporates the famous one in which Silvio Berlusconi, in the 90s, announced his descent into politics and the creation of Forza Italia. In the video Fedez announces:

Italy is the country I love. Here I have my roots, my hopes, my horizons. Here I learned from my father, and from life, my job as a scammer. Here I learned the passion for the priests who make TikTokers.

I have chosen to go out and defraud public affairs because I do not want to live in a civilized country, governed by mature forces and by men closely linked to a past of trade union achievements and rights for all.

It is no coincidence that the political movement that I propose is called Inhumane. I tell you that it is possible, together, to realize a great nightmare. That of an Italy that is increasingly unjust, indifferent to those in need and which plays the role of the bush in the end-of-year performances of the European community.

I tell you that we can, I tell you that we must build together for us, and for our children, a new Italian miracle.

After this video he was finally able to drop the mask and reveal his immense marketing maneuver …

I had to shut up a week, you know … I was exploding. Ok, let’s talk a bit …

It was enough for me to buy an internet domain, Fedeelezioni2023, which however expired in November 2022, so it would have been enough for journalists to understand that it was bullshit but I probably believe that this thing, this big troll, says a lot about the state of health of the press. and Italian journalism.

While everyone, in some way, was aware that she was a troll, somehow, it was more important to them to pretend it was true. And so great debates, let’s stop the influencer from politics …

Now I’m posting the video that made me laugh most of all. The director of Domani, Stefano Feltri, says: – Let’s stop the influencers because they are paid by Amazon …

Following Fedez shows an ad page of the same newspaper it advertises Amazon. and then reveals that it is not over here. There will in fact be a marketing campaign for the release of Inhuman, scheduled for November 26 next, which will fully reflect an electoral campaign …

From here until the release of the record there will be an election campaign, I will do a fake election campaign. But on the other hand, what election campaign did not turn out to be fake?

I have prepared a series of election posters that you will see around Italy, among the most grotesque, in bad taste, squalid and inhumane of this country but not so far from reality. Let’s have fun!

To close Fedez he also threw a jab at the reporter Beppe Severgnini who, at the news of the rapper’s descent into politics, had replied – Fedez in politics? The wife instead, Chiara Ferragni, it’s much prettier. This is the artist’s response:

Dear Beppe, if you answer like this I tell you: Didn’t they teach you at Oxford University that beauty is not a necessary requirement for a woman to work? Are you really a …


In the meantime, the surprises related to the new album continue. After the t-shirts with the graphics made by Francesco Vezzoli exclusively for Uniqlo e Fedez and the three special trading cards created by Panini in collaboration with illustrators Francesca Ramirez, Simone Previti, Pietro Morgani, from today it is possible to pre-order exclusively on Amazon the physical copy of the disc, in CD format, with two different gift versions.

The first is made by Santoni, a luxury brand famous all over the world for its leather creations, which it produced exclusively for Fedez a keychain with an elegant design and bright colors: bright green and light blue on the outside and bright orange, the iconic Santoni orange, on the inside, themed INHUMAN.

For the second, Pixel Sucks, the online version of Pixel Brescia, made exclusively for Fedez a pair of socks, made in Italy. Two hands stand out against a black background: one blue with white shades and the other with shades of brown, whose fingers seem to stretch towards each other to touch.

Part of the proceeds from the album’s sales will be donated to Together To Go Onlus Foundation (TOG), specialized in the rehabilitation of children suffering from complex neurological diseases.

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Fedez trolls Italian journalists … his descent into politics is a colossal marketing campaign for “Inhuman”

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