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“Nowadays, a guy spends two hours listening to a podcast, but he doesn’t listen to an entire album, right?”, commented Thiago Guerra, drummer for the band. Fresno, about two weeks ago in an interview with Pave Music to speak of I’ll have to turn around . Released on October 5th, the disc was announced at the release of the project’s last track Inventory, a mixtape presented little by little to “rewarm the engines”, in Guerra’s words, for the album.

VTQMV leaves just over two years after Your Joy Has Been Canceled (2019), a work that had its promotion interrupted by the covid-19 pandemic, which canceled from the trio’s concert at Lollapalooza in 2020 until all the band’s regular commitments that would guarantee an extended life for the release. “[Durante a pandemia,] we were able to make music a lot, producing from home, sending it to one and the other, mixing and shoveling”, says Lucas Silveira, “we were doing what we could to build this buzz around us, so when we arrived with the album, there would be a ‘creu’”. With the announcement and subsequent release of the disc, the Inventory can now be seen with new eyes by fans, as its purpose became more defined.

“The idea was really trollar”, comments the vocalist, “it was to poke bubbles, it was to try to rediscover how people talk about an album today. Every day comes out a cool record, that you have what to listen to. So… oh, it’s nerve-racking, is it? It’s nerve-racking to release a record that people will listen to for three days and say “okay, congratulations, but I want to hear the old ones” (laughs). You can’t fix that album in people’s minds, because what helped to fix it was the whole offline thing – the shows, a video, whatever.”

the hearing of I’ll have to turn around is marked by a characteristic shared both with the mixtape that preceded it, and with the your joy…: A certain sound “elasticity”, the band’s ability to stretch to different directions within what constitutes its identity. The title track, which opens the work, comes in the mood “to dance crying”, followed by FUCKED!!!, a song as full of punk energy as its title, and the listener immediately notices the third track (Haunted House) that what lies ahead is always the surprise.

“I think the record is even a little more cohesive than it was Inventory, because [a mixtape] it wasn’t intended to be cohesive, it was just crazy, but for sure the impression we wanted to make in the first two tracks, with a little indie dance sound with bass and drums, then a more aggressive punk rock track, was that the record started from one way and [fosse construído] almost like a dj-set”. Vavo (Gustavo Mantovani) explains that “the idea of ​​splicing the end of one song to the beginning of another is the best thing, because if someone wants to listen to it at random, they’re screwed. This is important even in the Inventory, that hearing out of order is crazy”. Little by little, it becomes clearer how much Fresno wants to see his works go against the standards of listening and production of today, insisted on by the market of the so-called “streaming era”.

“We’re a band that’s over 20 years old, and today artists can even handle their careers differently, but we organize our lives by records”, says Vavo, “there’s an album, there’s a tour in around it. I don’t know how an artist today does it. Is he doing shows and adding songs? I do not know. We have to organize. Imagine us coming back now without a new record. What were we going to do? A show… Fresno, with some random songs?”.

“When we understood the order of the album, we already started to work a ‘tripe’ (all the demos of the album lined up in a single timeline), to always be listening to the album, understanding the order and such”, he explains Lucas, “wanted it to be pop, not so much in sound, but in the sense of being direct, of saying things without being bullshit, and then the B side to be more introspective, with a density that we’ve explored a lot before”.

Enter compliments to your guest at It’s been a long time – Lulu Santos, “the king of pop!”, as Guerra comments, or, in Lucas’ words, “the fourth Fresno” – and the excitement to play at the next Lollapalooza Brasil and be back on stage, the band shows itself, mainly , optimistic that fans will buy into the idea of ​​listening I’ll have to turn around as a single work and apologizes for having “trolled” the public and critics, including Música Pavê, for omitting the album during the promotion of Inventory – “we would leave interviews and say ‘Fuck, that’s crazy’ (laughs) because I wanted to comment [sobre o álbum] and it couldn’t,” says Guerra, “but it still didn’t make sense. We wanted to pierce the bubbles [com a mixtape], and we’re happy, because it happened”.

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Fresno Wants You to Listen to an Entire Album | Pave Music

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