In Bulgaria, a poll against a backdrop of health hecatomb

Roumen, 56, briefly takes off his oxygen mask to better testify. “I’ve been here for eleven days, I advise everyone to get vaccinated, no one has been vaccinated in my family, and everyone is doing badly”, breathlessly calls out this audiovisual technical director, from his bed at St. Anna’s hospital in Sofia, Bulgaria. In his room, normally intended for two people, a third bed was installed at his feet, for lack of space elsewhere. It is occupied by Tamer Ahmed, 31, a building engineer. Not vaccinated. “I regret a little. I never thought I could end up here, it’s the first time in my life that I’m hospitalized. “

In this cardiology service converted into a Covid-19 unit faced with the severity of the fourth wave currently sweeping this Balkan country, these two men are rather an exception. The dynamic Dr. Rada Prokopova, 54, may well insist that she only accepts one vaccine in her entire department, it is often skepticism that reigns among her patients. “There are still positive vaccines! “,” Why do we have to sign a piece of paper that relieves the laboratories of all responsibility? “, “I have very severe allergies”, we hear regularly. “Lack of confidence is a national problem”, the cardiologist is in despair, dreaming of a “Vaccine obligation”.

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Sanitary pass blasted

However, she knows that this hypothesis is explosive in Bulgaria. In permanent campaign for nearly a year after two legislative elections which did not lead to a majority, Bulgarian politicians remain, in fact, largely opposed to coercive measures, while a new ballot is organized on Sunday, November 14, simultaneously with a presidential election.

Introduced urgently on October 21, even the health pass remains castigated by many candidates, from the extreme right to the Socialist Party, even though it seems to have allowed the beginning of a slowdown in contamination in recent days. Some candidates even openly compare him to a “Genocide” (with reference to the Nazi regime’s certificate of aryanity) and the vaccine “To an implant to be controlled by a higher consciousness”.

Legally, the director of St. Anna Hospital, Slavcho Bliznakov, cannot even force his own medical staff to be vaccinated. In the corridors, an employee calls out to her to say that she still refuses the vaccine. “I am going to put you on forced leave”, he answers abruptly, but without real conviction. Thanks to what he calls this « pression administrative », however, he is proud to have convinced “98% of doctors and 80% of nurses” of its establishment. In the rest of the country, the vaccination rate for nurses often does not exceed 40%.

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In Bulgaria, a poll against a backdrop of health hecatomb

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