Interview with Evandro: “I wrote ‘Tudo bem?’ in a moment of total confusion about how I should use my life … “

Interview with Evandro. It went out for ADA Music Italy in the past few days Okay?, the new single from Evandro, songwriter who has already won millions of streams thanks to singles Guacamole, Rome center e Find us again (Califormia).

The piece, written and composed by Evandro and produced by the artist with Pietro Paroletti, tells about the fears of today’s young people about the future.

Evandro will present this new single and other unreleased live tracks Saturday 27 November al Largo Venue of Rome (Via Biordo Michelotti 2, at 21:00).

Presales for the event are available who.

In the meantime, we reached the singer-songwriter to let us better tell this song, his plans for the future and what is left of his experience. Friends of Maria De Filippi. Here is our interview.

Evandro Interview

Hi Evandro, let’s start with your new single ”Tudo bem? Which has a very particular title? Can you tell us what it’s about?

I wrote this piece in a time of utter confusion – I had no idea what my life was going to be like and I was under pressure to make important choices.

Let’s say that by the time you turn 20, society expects you to already have half an idea of ​​how to spend the rest of your days – which university to attend, which profession to do – but the sad truth is that most kids today only make choices. to take off the pressure of failure.

You will present ”Tudo bem? ”Along with other songs premiered on the occasion of the concert on November 27 at Largo Venue in Rome. How do you feel about finally being able to play your songs live?

I feel good, I am very happy with the idea of ​​finally having a direct confrontation with my audience. My latest public performances have been filtered on TV screens, but now I feel I have the opportunity to interface honestly with the people who follow me. I hope to be nice live because television has never valued me.

Do you want to give us a preview of some other gems on live? What should your fans expect?

We will play new songs and there are those who will drink too much. It will probably be me (ride).

Since you announced that on the 27th, in addition to the new single, you will play other unreleased songs, when do you think your recording project will arrive? Can you tell us something?

I am a very private person, I don’t want to tell you anything. I’m just telling you that there is actually a recording project. When it arrives, we will see it.

After a pandemic that has completely stopped the live world, many live music clubs have closed, taking away space for many emerging artists. How do you think we can do to draw attention to this topic too?

I imagine that no one would have ever favored such a situation if it had not been necessary; after all, in the face of an emergency like the one of the last two years, it is quite plausible that some sectors – such as entertainment – have received less attention than others.

In this period, however, the situation seems to be improving and I think there is the possibility of favoring the “rebirth” of the sector to which I belong; for this reason I think it is the duty of every artist to take an active interest in the subject.

Last year you participated in Amici, but right away you showed that you know how to be an artist who goes beyond being a simple competitor of a talent and so when you got out of school you rolled up your sleeves and immediately started doing music even going so far as to conquer Spotify’s indie playlists. After a year what do you remember about that experience and how much do you think it influenced your musical journey?

The experience was certainly significant and in my case I think it had a huge influence on my approach to music (and consequently on an eventual career). I grew up a lot, I understood what my limits were and which of them were easily crossed.

I understood what ambition is and how important it is to establish your own personal relationship with art even before declaring yourself an artist. I mean, a lot of stuff.

Do you have any advice to give to someone like you who wants to try the path of talent?

Think about it well. Very good. Think about it as you never have before. And when you think you have come to a conclusion, start thinking again.

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Interview with Evandro: “I wrote ‘Tudo bem?’ in a moment of total confusion about how I should use my life … ”

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