Alta Badia and Nos Ladins-Noi Latini, an exhibition to experience the territory as a true local

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Alta Badia, in the heart of the Dolomites Unesco World Heritage, it is an authentic place, rich in culture and millenary traditions, which distinguish the Ladins, the inhabitants of these lands. The Nos Ladins – Noi Ladini project aims to bring the tourist closer to traditions and the local way of life.

The Nos Ladins – Noi Ladini exhibition gives the opportunity to those who frequent Alta Badia, to carry out activities together with the people who live in these lands. The undisputed protagonists of the project share a deep innate passion for the places, where they were born and raised. Many appointments

Spend a few hours with Nikolas, a young local baker it means discovering the world of baking from a very privileged point of view. Nikolas will reveal to the participants some secrets of his preparations, from the typical puccia, to the various types of bread that are brought to the table in Alta Badia. These are the events that take place in the family bakery: February 2 and March 23, 2022.

The appointment with Betty, energetic woman and young mother is scheduled for March 30th in a typical farm in the valley. The afternoon is reserved for the decoration of Easter eggs, an activity that is very widespread and felt in all the Ladin valleys. The appointment is dedicated not only to adults, but also to children.

Two unmissable events for those who love ski mountaineering and admire the sunrise in the midst of a spectacular scenery such as the Dolomites. Participants in the events of January 19th and March 16th 2022 will be accompanied by Roman, an expert local mountain guide.

On February 9 and March 2 it will be possible to discover and taste, together with the young sommelier Kristin, some of the best South Tyrolean wines and some local grappa. The tastings will take place in an ancient cellar, which will give a typical and authentic atmosphere.

Norbert is a master in the preparation and waxing of skis. He will show and try how skis are arranged and set up at a rental in Alta Badia. Norbert carries out his work with attention to detail, from waxing to sharpening the blades. Furthermore, Norbert will also make the skis of those who participate in the appointment with him on 9 March 2022 perfect.

Every evening, after the slopes have closed, the numerous snow cats set to work to ensure perfectly prepared slopes for the next day. Being a cat driver is not an easy job, but it is certainly very exciting. Experiencing the thrill of getting on a snowmobile and preparing a ski slope is certainly a unique emotion, which can be experienced together with Julia and Daniel, on the evenings of February 17 and March 3 2022.

Skiing with a local, who knows every turn that can be done on skis, that tells the stories of the places and of the people who live or have lived them, that knows how to describe the beauty of the environment from a particular point of view is an experience that goes beyond the hour made with the ski instructor. Each appointment will take place with a different insider, in different locations. These are the appointments: January 26, February 3 and 10, March 17 and 24. Reservations are required at the Alta Badia Tourist Offices.

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Alta Badia and Nos Ladins-Noi Latini, an exhibition to experience the territory as a true local

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