Domorental brings performance renting at the service of hospitality to Italy

A structured and organized system to allow the hospitality sector (hotels, residences, holiday homes, short rentals …) to procure furniture, equipment and systems, financing them through the technical rental formula, without affecting the working capital or resorting to Bank financing. Objective: to allow national hospitality to keep pace with globalized demand, which seeks emotional experiences through comfortable environments, designer furnishings, innovative technologies and sustainable systems. That’s what it allows the new rental & procurement service proposed by Domorental, an Italian company based in Milan, founded by the Brescian Claudio Mombelli, which together with BookingMyHotel, a consulting company with over 20 years of experience, has brought the performance renting, through which it is possible to rent products, machinery and services through the payment of a recurring fee, the duration and amount of which vary according to different parameters,.

Domorental’s rental & procurement service therefore provides how the first approach is the consulting one, with the professional who interacts with the managers of the accommodation facility to understand their needs and define together the best solutions in terms of furnishings, equipment and systems available in outsourcing, with all the advantages of the centralization of processes, from the logistical ones to financial ones. Therefore the technological platform, developed in house, allows companies to pay for one current fee, The in modular form that is variable in relation to the prospective turnover, or depending on the performance in the case of plant or machinery (pay for performance), or parameterized on the basis of savings generated by them (pay for savings). Furthermore, the duration of the service, unlike what both leasing and traditional rental provide, is not predetermined, but each contract is tailor-made, based on the characteristics of the goods and customers. At the end of the performance renting, the user also has the option of agreeing to redeem the asset (buy back) at a predetermined residual value.

“Our proposal – explains Claudio Mombelli, founder and CEO of Domorental – fits into the perspective of subsciption economy, guaranteeing the best quality / price ratio and the reliability of suppliers. Another relevant element is the competence in the choice of the product-supplier considering the characteristics of the hotel structure, without neglecting the logistic and financial component of the supply which is completely supervised by our team. The financial advantages are obvious: economic sustainability of the investment without debt, flexible and unconstrained duration of amortization, transformation of the investment from capex to opex, no fixed assets of the administrative management of depreciation, greater balances of the net financial position (pfn) and improvement of the balance sheet ratios, as well as maintenance of working capital for current investments “.

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Domorental brings performance renting at the service of hospitality to Italy

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