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Do you also suffer from winter dry skin? Our need for moisturizing has never been greater than right now. Minus degrees, long-distance skating and cold mornings in the stable have left their mark. We definitely need to devote a few extra minutes to the skin every morning and evening!

So therefore it feels perfect to have the opportunity to try three really wonderful organic skin care brands together parfym.seThe Organic Pharmacy, Oskia and Aurelia (the latter is a probiotic skin care brand). Right now (all of January) they have a 25% discount on all facial care, but do you enter the code “Foodpharmacy” here then you get additional 5% discount. So 30% discount in total!

But before we start, we feel the need to point out that none of us believe in miracles. Skin care comes at least as much from the inside, but that does not mean that you can not care from the outside as well. Good skin care + good food + good sleep + not too much stress + just enough exercise + good… yes, you probably understand where we want to go! It is a combo of quite a few different factors that gives a nice complexion with radiance.

“Many small streams…” is rather our beauty philosophy.

Can also take the opportunity to tell you that we have completely different needs and requirements when it comes to skin care. Mia loves skin care – the more different serums and creams the better. She wants her morning and evening routine in the bathroom to take her little time and that she should feel properly moisturized, almost “saturated” when she is done. If the cream is absorbed too quickly, she feels dry and dissatisfied.

Lina is the exact opposite – she prefers not to lubricate herself at all, so for her it is important to find a skin care brand that feels light and simple. She does not like to feel glossy or oily, on the contrary, the cream must be absorbed quickly and preferably make as little fuss as possible (as long as it does the job, of course).

So, are you ready for our favorites? Get inspired and do not forget to use the discount code ”Foodpharmacy” when you click here then you get the whole 30% discount on the entire skin care range (the offer is valid in January and can not be combined with other promotions or premium brands).

Four products that have really impressed us:

Carrot Cleanse från The Organic Pharmacy

Mia loves The Organic Pharmacy and above all she loves theirs carrot cleaning. So PUT OFF, this conditioner MELTS into the skin. The worst thing Mia knows is cleansing that leaves the skin dry and rough and this is really the exact opposite of it… feels like cleansing and care in one! Carrot Butter Cleanser is 99.8% organic and a best-selling cleansing balm with shea butter, antioxidants from carrots and marigolds, detoxifying rosemary and soothing lavender. Suitable for all skin types, perfect as an evening cleanser. Try!

Cell Revitalize Day Moisturizer from Aurelia

You are welcome, here do you have a day cream with a really wow feeling. The first word that pops up when we lubricate ourselves with this cream is “luxury mousse”. So beautiful and lovely, blends into the skin perfectly, smells wonderful and actually leaves both of us equally happy. Cell Revitalize Day Moisturiser has won numerous awards and we really understand why. The cream is probiotic and consists of 100% natural and herbal ingredients with aromas from essential oils such as jasmine and mandarin. Can be used on all skin types, even sensitive.


Bedtime Beauty Boost från Oskia

We have a new best friend at night and it’s called Bedtime Beauty Boost and comes from Oskia. It is rich in nutrients and flower extracts that are said to give the skin a super-charging health and beauty boost, but the reason we love this cream is that we wake up with a softer skin when we use it. End of message, try NOW!

The Probiotic Contentrate from Aurelia

Okay, we can NOT try Aurelias probiotic superconcentrates! Lina thought it tingled a little on the skin the first time she used it, Mia did not feel any tingling. Both like sharp! It is said to be perfect for skin with pigmentation, deep wrinkles, lack of elasticity, hormonal imbalances and lack of luster and the serum also protects against air pollution. Time will tell if it works! Feel free to combine with Revitalise & Glow Serum, Balance and Glow Day Oil, Cell Repair Night Oil and or Cell Revitalise Day Moisturiser.

Hope this post could be of some help, good luck with your winter dry skin!

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Large skin care test – save 30% on organic skin care – Food Pharmacy

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