A wonderful letter to offer to our children …

What parent does not dream of seeing their child happy? To offer him the strength to believe in himself, to follow his dreams to the end, and not to let himself be defeated in moments of doubt, today, but also tomorrow? Of course, we do not have all control over them or their happiness, but we have the possibility of offering them a resource from which to draw positive energy in times when they doubt, feel alone, or not up to it …

In absolute terms, we would like to be this resource. But in reality, it is not always easy to be present at the right time, to find the right words. Sometimes it is even difficult to recognize those moments when he has a “downside”. So how do we go about supporting it? How can we transform the immensity of our love into confidence in it? How can we help him move from a happy child to a confident and fulfilled adult?

To make his child happy, let’s help him realize that he is exceptional

What could be more supportive than knowing our strengths and needs?

Remember the days when your morale was low: that moment when a lover left you; this anniversary when no friend was available to have a drink with you; that day when you weren’t accepted for the examination of your life, when the pressure from your boss was too strong… In short, those days when you were really in low spirits. What would you have said then, open a book that tells you who you are, and reminds you why you are so exceptional.

Write him what makes him unique

Like this book that we would dream of opening, let’s try to highlight all the strengths and qualities in our child’s eyes: remind him who he is, why the people around him love him. Let’s become this collection that reminds him of what he needs to feel good, what he can do so well, and lists all the strengths you have to help you get up. In short, a kind of reservoir of energy and good vibrations that will give him the strength to lift his head, take a step back, and bounce back.

Here is a nice gift that we could give to our children: why not take a few minutes from time to time for him write whatever the form: a notebook, a letter … In short, precious memories that can accompany him in good and bad times.

Like a photo album or a birth book, let’s take the quill and write down in great detail all its beautiful strengths. It is not a question of saying to him: “At 3 years old, you were very nice, and very early: you walked at 10 months. “. It’s nice, but it doesn’t add much. No, it is a question of describing with precision, all those moments when he revealed beautiful qualities and strengths so useful, and to say how these strengths can be appreciated by others, and how they can be useful to him. Participating in making your child happy also means helping them gain more self-confidence, taking the reflex to say these words to them regularly!

cool coaching

From an early age, each baby is unique, with its peculiarities and strengths

“We have never seen a baby who overflowed so much tenderness: you spend your time devouring our cheeks with kisses. Your tenderness overwhelms us and your joyful smiles touch all the passers-by to whom you know so well how to communicate your joy. Later, the nice relationships that you know so quickly to forge with others will help you ”. “You impressed us with the way you made us put things into perspective as soon as our morale was down. Like that day when you told us: “It doesn’t matter if we missed our train, while waiting for the next one, we can go for a walk!” Your ability to bounce back is precious, use it. “

Let’s value the positive

Do you know the other side of the coin? Each quality has its drawbacks: a calm child can be shy, a dynamic child can be exhausting, a teaser can be swagger… It’s all about point of view. But what helps us be happy is seeing the bright side, and learning to downplay others. If faults come to mind, needless to say, let’s instead try to value the qualities that go with them.

We have the faults of our qualities, so let’s put aside the “You weren’t listening to what we were telling you”. Maybe this kid is just in their make-believe world, so let’s show off their creativity. We want to write him a: “You do not hold in place”? Let us instead put forward its dynamism which will perhaps one day allow it to draw the crowds.

And why not also let him know about his sensibilities?

Before going any further, if you want to explore other avenues to help our little ones develop their confidence, do not hesitate to ask for your “SELF-CONFIDENCE, everything so that our little ones believe in themselves! “. You will find there all my tips and advice gathered at length to take up this incredible parental challenge: helping our children to become balanced, independent and fulfilled adults … To receive it for free, simply leave us your email below and I will send it to you. illico!

Welcome his emotions and feelings

Today we are more and more aware of the importance of recognizing and welcoming our emotions. Explaining to our child that he has the right to feel what he feels, and helping him to understand it and go through it is an essential element in helping him to grow up happy.

Understanding what is going on inside him will help him relativize the days of blues. This will perhaps help him to understand that his emotion is simply linked to his sensitivity, to a strong need for recognition, to be surrounded, to be alone, or even to his very competitive spirit, his susceptibility, etc. In short, make him understand that he must sometimes be wary of his way of interpreting things, which could wrongly make him sad or angry.

“As soon as we walked away from you, you burst into tears, as if we were abandoning you.” So that no one abandons you. Others may be less cuddly, more independent than you, but that doesn’t mean they don’t like you. “; “Sometimes you get upset or think that we, or your mistress, favor someone other than you. I assure you that it is not, there is no injustice ”.

Knowing how to love oneself, the engine of happiness

Last element which could be the first: it is love!

What could be more helpful in building yourself up than knowing that you are loved no matter what you do? Isn’t that the best gift to give her? Let us try to transmit this love to him by our confidence in him, by supporting him in his moments of doubts and by helping him to move forward in the face of failures. Let’s try to be an attentive supporter, present in the good times as in the most difficult. We can take the role of coach from time to time to guide him, without becoming his staff sergeant and chain orders. See also our article How to raise a child so that he becomes the best he is?

Making our child happy starts now!

Come on, it’s up to you! I invite you to take 10 minutes to write down whatever comes to mind.

Too bad if there are mistakes. Too bad if it is poorly written. Of course it will be incomplete. Too bad if it is not the pretty notebook that you want to pass on to him!

And on those days when you’re tempted to tell your coworkers about the awesome attitude your kid had yesterday, when you feel your heart overflowing with love and pride, reopen your notebook, Word document, or phone notes instead. , and complete it; it will be more useful! Don’t be afraid, start with two lines, it will be a good start. Doesn’t the world tour begin with a first step?

And don’t forget from time to time to press the “print” button, and to slip the sheet into his health book, to be sure not to lose it, and to remember it from time to time.

Later, he will be able to read your sheets, hidden in his bed, when he is full. period of teenage rebellion (well, if it exists). And there is no doubt that even at 40, this collection will do him the greatest good, when he will need to reconnect with what he really is.

He will then read these few lines which will tell him who he is, what a beautiful person he is, which will remind him of all the resources he has had in him since he was little, and which can help him bounce back.

Making our child happy is believing in him, so that he can do the same.

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A wonderful letter to offer to our children …

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