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Exotic Snack’s incorrect labeling has now been rectified – but the food inspector has found several errors

“We work in accordance with current legislation.” This is what the company Exotic Snacks wrote to me in April 2018 after my first open letter to them. However, it has proven to be a truth with modification. After my first complaints about them, they have had to make a lot of changes. As you can see in the picture above, they have now even renamed their range. Their social media marketing has also been cleared of misleading health messages, and they have to change their packaging of jelly candies, which they have claimed contain “pieces of fruit”.

In my first open letter to natural candy manufacturers in 2018, I wondered why they call white chocolate yogurt and what really distinguishes natural candy from regular candy. Like this wrote Exotic Snacks that time in his reply to me:

“When it comes to labeling our products, we work in accordance with current legislation, current guidelines and have the ambition to be informative.”

However, it has turned out to be incorrect. Like you have been able to read before led my first complaint to the natural candy companies that they are no longer allowed to call white chocolate yogurt. Exotic Snacks has therefore had to change the name of very many of their products, including this one:

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To the left you see the previous designation, to the right the new one.

Exotic Snacks has changed the name of its range

Now Exotic Snacks has also changed the name of its entire range. Price signs in the store have previously stated that their range would be “natural candy”:

Markning tidigare 2048x750 1

But since, in addition to nuts, they also sell regular sweets on their shelves, such as chocolate fudge and salt licorice, the labeling is illegal. When I wrote another letter about this, Exotic Snacks suddenly meant that they themselves do not call their range “natural sweets”, but only a “loose weight concept”. That there was “natural candy” on the signs in the store, Exotic Snacks considered was Ica’s fault.

Since they did not seem to want to inform Ica about the incorrect signage, I took matters into my own hands and sent away a letter also to Ica. Now Ica has fixed the incorrect labeling, at least in the stores I usually shop in:

Markning nu 2048x748 1

Exotic Snacks has stopped using #naturgodis on social media

Although Exotic Snacks says that they do not call their range “natural sweets”, they have long used #naturgodis in social media. They also ended their posts with:

“Passion for nature. We are the better choice when you want to get a natural boost in everyday life. Treat yourself to our high-quality nuts and snacks! ⁣ ”

After the food inspector in Huddinge municipality visited them in early October, Exotic Snacks has also changed this. On the left you see how they wrote their posts before October 6 this year, on the right how they write now:

Exotic Snacks instagram 2

They have not only removed #nature candy, but also other hashtags that are illegal to use for regular candy, such as #healthy and #healthyfoods.

Find three faults on the Exotic Snacks packaging

Huddinge municipality has also ordered Exotic Snacks to change the packaging for their ONLY products. I wrote about these in an open letter which was about the fact that many food companies have now started to equate syrupy sweet juice concentrates with fruit. During his inspection, the food inspector in Huddinge found no less than three faults on Exotic Snacks ONLY packaging. Can you see which ones?

Finn tre fel 2048x1536 1

First, it is misleading to call the contents “fruit pieces with raspberries, strawberries and black currants”, because the product does not contain any real fruit. Instead, Exotic Snacks will change to “fruity pieces with flavors of raspberries, strawberries and blackcurrants”.

Secondly, the picture on the front must be supplemented so that it not only shows the berries in question, but also the pieces of jelly candy inside the package.

Third, the ingredient list is incorrectly written. The candy does not consist of “juice and puree from apple…”, but of “juice concentrate and puree concentrate from apple…”.

These changes must be implemented by August next year.

What is called natural licorice is unnatural

Exotic Snacks has also promised to change the name of what they have for many years called “natural licorice”.

IMG 2917 2048x1536 1

Since the candy does not contain a single natural ingredient, Exotic Snacks has admitted that the name is incorrect (completely without me having to submit a complaint).

Without a doubt, Exotic Snacks would need to work a little on its self-image. It is not a law-abiding company. The clarity towards the customers also leaves a lot to be desired. Then it is worth pointing out that there are more companies that sell ordinary sweets as “natural sweets”, for example Coop, Axfood and Cloetta / Parrots. I have not yet received a decision from the municipalities that review these companies, but I hope that they will be as accurate in their assessments as Huddinge municipality has been.

I want to thank all of you who have chosen to support me as patreons. You give me the opportunity to spend time nailing down food companies that break the law!

This is a guest post. Any opinions expressed are the writer’s own.

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Exotic Snack’s incorrect labeling has now been rectified – but the food inspector has found several errors – Food Pharmacy

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