Fashion, questions of taste

Whether these questions torment you or whether they have never crossed your mind, they are an opportunity to discover what, in terms of fashion, inspires, seduces and challenges us. The answers, necessarily subjective, outline what makes Le Goût de M. Even if they don’t cover the… question.

Should we add a layer?

Chemises Studio Nicholson.

In terms of styling, what is called the layering (layering of clothes) is a practice as old as fashion. We could even get tired of it because some brands or people have abused it to the point of absurdity, covering the models with dress-shirt-waistcoat-jacket-trench-coat-down jacket until they doubled in size.

The superposition is an art which, paradoxically, aims at the purity. If that statement sounds smoky, just watch Nick Wakeman, the stylist behind British label Studio Nicholson, who excels in building layer after layer of chic, finished silhouettes.

Son Instagram account proves without much speech that the superposition should not be satisfied to be an accumulation but aims a good ordering of the matters and a certain chromatic harmony. Whether you are a beginner or not, two lessons are to be learned: stay in a shades of color (even two greens that you think do not go together can pleasantly surprise, such as a khaki and a raw green) and, rather than multiply the types of clothing, do not hesitate to repeat yourself. We will therefore put a shirt on a shirt, an under-sweater under an under-sweater, playing subtly with the collars and sleeves.

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Can a jacket replace an evening dress?

Maison Rabih Kayrouz wool crepe jacket.

Rabih Kayrouz’s, yes. The couturier searched for almost two years what
could be “his” jacket. He designed and produced it in 2013, renewed it from season to season.
season, has declined in satin, brocade and even denim for next summer. He speaks of her with great affection. He wanted it to be structured, comfortable, and above all not restrictive because “Elegance is not aesthetic, it is a feeling, he said. It comes from a freedom of movement which provides assurance and confidence ”.

To stay chic, this jacket had to have an urban attitude, so it had to be shoulder-length. But also “That she repeats a gesture that is sometimes calledoriental but what I like to call the first gesture : that which consists in wrapping oneself in a fabric ”. Kayrouz’s jacket can therefore be worn as a kimono, as an abaya or as a blazer. The model in the photo does not have a button or a real collar.

Cut in a double wool crepe, the jacket is constructed so that the two front panels remain open on the sides so that you can easily slip your hands into the pockets, or dance. In a sort of perfect balance, held in place by the shoulder and the under-sleeve, these slightly asymmetrical sections close naturally thanks to the weight of the fabric.

Obviously not all jackets achieve this perfection, but thinking about it when choosing a dressy model allows you to skip the “evening dress” box, which is not always easy to assume. To remember, therefore: a pretty black fabric, a shoulder line and as few obstacles as possible in the movement.

What are good jeans in 2021?

High waist tapered jeans with Goldsign pleats, Jarvis model.

Without repeating the journey from Nîmes to the Far West, we will say that jeans have gone through three major stylistic phases over the past fifty years: the good old five-pocket daddy, rather straight, a bit faded and roughly clean, has has long been an undeniable classic. Then, in the early 2000s, the quest for “good jeans” boiled down to one criterion: which model will be the most plump and sexy behind?

The wait is high and the women unscrew their heads to check that the pockets do not crush or “memorize” their buttocks. It doesn’t matter if the denim is crudely washed, if the belly protrudes from the low waist or if the rhinestones in the groin or the holes in the knees are as infantilizing as a unicorn … If it has a beautiful buttocks, it’s a good pair of jeans.

Fortunately, the winter of 2021-2022 promotes models that have made the synthesis of “carrot pants” (with point down) and “boyfriend jeans” (cool shape as pique to boys), ascending “raw Japanese jeans”. The canvas should be neither too stiff nor too shapeless, a deep indigo and well ironed, the hem at or just above the ankle, the rather high waist covers the navel and the buttocks should appear as flat as possible . Yes, the 2021 jeans are intellectual, feminist to boot. In the shops, we even talk about “mama jeans”.

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Fashion, questions of taste

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