“He doesn’t want to tell me how much he won, he’s afraid we’ll stop taking pocket money”: the parents of cryptogamers

JUntil now, things were simple. There were people who invested their money seriously and those who spent their money in the casino. The CSP+ boomers had first watched the purchases of bitcoins and other cyberbonbecs with the pitiful amusement one reserves for the second group. Everything changed when their own children dared to invest in the metaverse.

Suddenly here they are, hesitating between shame and pride, between vertigo and feeling of being has been. Do they shelter under their roof, when it comes to their offspring, people who are one step ahead or cannonballs that will hasten their loss? They felt that speculating on something that didn’t exist was no better than playing online poker, but if their kids’ business school friends are doing it too, does it get any more serious?

How do we recognize them?

They avoid the subject until their friends in the same situation bring it up first. They celebrate the intellectual process: the curiosity, the speed with which their children learned about the subject. They avoid the subject as a family, but they are very proud when their rich friends, passing by for a drink, ask their children about it. They are tempted to give them a little speech on the value of work, but they know very well that around them it is not through work that heritages have been built up.

how they talk

“He tells me he has an envelope for sports betting, online betting and bitcoin. » “Can you turn down the volume on your crypto podcasts? I don’t like guys’ voices. » “You have 100,000 dollars, OK, but virtual? » “But if you need to pay a bill, can you get that money back?” » “After all, when we sold our Amazon shares in 1999, we didn’t do any better. » “They remind me of our grandparents’ generation with the Russian loanwords. » “He won’t tell me how much he won. Maybe because he’s afraid we’ll stop pocket money. »

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“He buys NFTs, but at least he doesn’t trade. » “What scares me is the temptation to earn a living like that. » “He didn’t invest a lot in an unknown cryptocurrency. For me, it’s a bit like playing chess. » “Is it different to earn 10 bucks by showing off on Instagram? »

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“At this stage of my life, there are things I don’t want to do, be interested in cryptos and NFTs, for example. » “I may work in the bank, when my sons tell me about it, I am dropped. » ” It’s scary. » “If he won a lot, I would know. » “I feel like I’m reliving 1981 and free radio. » “It’s only for boys, right? »

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“He doesn’t want to tell me how much he won, he’s afraid we’ll stop taking pocket money”: the parents of cryptogamers

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