Jean-Michel Blanquer in Peaky Blinders mode, that might be a detail for you …

Spoiled at Christmas

Why is he smiling? What is he thinking about? The subtleties of its Covid-19 back-to-school protocol? Has the disclosure of it on the sly the night before the start of the school year through a paid article on the site of a newspaper? Or on his next outing against “woke” drifts? None of that, of course. On December 27, at the exit of the Council of Ministers, Jean-Michel Blanquer simply displayed the smile of people satisfied to have found at the foot of the tree the gift of their dreams and delighted to be able to show it in public. Did you guess what we’re talking about? Obviously.

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Clear cut

On the steps of the Elysee Palace, he was indeed wearing a spectacular headgear. Gray in color, matching the tie, and almost the beard, this one was characterized by its flexibility, round shape and short brim. With us, this type of model is referred to by the term “flat cap”. In England, logically, it is a flat cap. But, in the United States, we say golf cap, it is so widespread on the greens. More surprisingly still, in New Zealand this type of hat is called a cheese cutter. The hat of the cheese cutters? Absolutely.

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Little wool

Since we are there, note that the popularity of this type of model dates back to the XVIe century. In 1571, the English Parliament decided to boost the trade and production of wool by forcing all men over 6 in the country, excluding nobility, to wear a headgear on Sundays and holidays. A 0.75 cent fine is even imposed on offenders. Twenty-six years later, the law will be revoked, but the cap is already firmly rooted in the wardrobe of the English proletariat.

Head on shoulders

To accompany it, Jean-Michel Blanquer had opted for a coat similar in many ways to the traditional pea coat, or peacoat, worn by sailors since the XVe century. Navy wool, crossed buttoning, slanted pockets for easy access, large buttons for easier buttoning … Here, even the incongruous presence of epaulets on the Minister’s coat made sense: once removed, the beautiful flat cap will get stuck there with ease.

Academic record

But no more jokes and bad spirits. That day, while we were digesting the Christmas festivities and preparing those for the New Year, the “Peaky Blinder” of the rue de Grenelle strove to advance urgent files, literally taken in hand. -body. In this case, in the turquoise file, that day, there was certainly the order form for FFP2 masks intended for teachers. In the leather one, without a doubt, the one for the CO sensors2 to be installed in all classrooms across the country.

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Jean-Michel Blanquer in Peaky Blinders mode, that might be a detail for you …

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