10 Years of Inception: 10 Things You Didn’t Know About The Movie

Inception It was and still is one of the best science fiction movies in history, and it is celebrating 10 years of making it to the cinema.

Christopher Nolan He is not a director who follows the rules of time and space in his films, he likes his films to play with the minds of the public and very early in his career he decided that each of his stories, or most, would have jumps in time that would complicate everything and create a feeling of desperation to know what is happening.

It all started (or at least took shape) with Memento, a movie in which Nolan begins to tell us the story starting at the end to force us to experience the frustration of its protagonist, a man who had lost his memory and the ability to form new memories, so important details are tattooed all over his body. In Memento, a simple instant photograph returns to the camera and a bullet returns to the barrel of the gun, and with that Nolan let us know that he was not expecting an intense journey in which it would be impossible to distinguish reality until the end, or at the beginning.

Inception follows a similar principle, it does not start at the end, but, as with Memento, the director made sure that we could never distinguish reality from dreams, and the ending of the film is one of the greatest mysteries in the history of cinema.

A decade after its premiere, the story of Dominc Cobb It’s more relevant than ever, it tells us about our own fantasies and the need to have an escape from reality, but more than anything, it’s still a great movie that reveals more and more detail every time you watch it.

Maybe we’ll never understand the end of Inception (and maybe it’s connected with Tenet, the new movie by Nolan, in a different way than we think), but we don’t need to do it to enjoy it either. At the end, Nolan It left us the possibility to interpret what we saw from our own perspective, and that is part of what makes it great (and forces us to keep talking about it no matter how much time passes).

And the crazy story is not the only interesting thing about Inception, there are some details in the movie that show that Nolan’s genius is greater than we think.

The team is based on a filming crew


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Yes, Inception It’s science fiction, but it also talks about the process of creating a movie, and the role each character plays resembles those involved in making a movie. Christopher Nolan admitted it in an interview with Entertainment Weekly in which he explained that Cobb is the director by controlling the story through dreams, Arthur is the producer by investigating and getting the resources for each mission, Adriane, who designs the dreams, is the production designer, Sato is a studio executive, Eames is an actor, and Robert is the audience.

Leonardo DiCaprio was not the first candidate to play Cobb

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10 Years of Inception: 10 Things You Didn’t Know About The Movie

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