7 Movie Endings Finally Explained: The One From ‘Inception’ Confused Audiences

‘Taxi Driver’ tells the story of Travis, a violent taxi driver who is mentally and emotionally unstable, but at the end of the film saves a 12-year-old girl from the world of prostitution.

To do so, Travis faces a group of criminals who shoot him and he ends up in a coma in the hospital. Upon awakening, the protagonist is praised by the crowd for the heroic act.

Due to the character’s mental background, the final scene seems like a Travis illusion; however, the director Martin Scorsese and the scriptwriter Paul Schrader They explained that the ending was real and not a hallucination of the protagonist.

En ‘American Psycho’, Christian Bale plays Patrick Bateman, a successful New York investor who leads a double life as a murderer. The film shows numerous murders of the protagonist, but in the end one of the victims remains alive.

The plot twist suggests that the Bateman murders weren’t real and he imagined the bloody acts; However, the writer of the original novel, Mary Harron, clarified that the scenes did occur in the character’s life.

Teddy Daniels, played by Leonardo Dicaprio, is an investigator in a psychiatric hospital, but in the end it is revealed that Teddy is actually called Andrew Laeddis and is a dangerous patient who undergoes a psychiatric role-reversal experiment to remember his past and assimilate reality.

Laeddis says he remembers the events for which he came to the hospital: he murdered his wife after she drowned their children. This would indicate that the experiment was successful; However, moments later, Andrew reverts to Teddy Daniels’ shoes, leaving a confusing ending.

Since Laeddis remembered what happened to his family, he prefers to fake his dissociation symptoms from reality to be lobotomized and not live with the guilt.

‘Donnie Darko’ is a science fiction movie in which the protagonist survives a plane crash on his house, but the incident creates an alternate timeline in which Donnie is convinced by a terrifying rabbit to commit crimes and ventures out. in a complex journey back in time.

As Donnie goes back in time, the new timeline takes him to the moment of the plane crash, but this time he decides to die to avoid the destruction of the main universe.

Due to the confusing construction of the film, one of the theories indicates that Donnie was dead from the beginning and his adventure was a hallucination; however, the director Richard Kelly He explained that the intention of the film is to show that life and death can coexist without necessarily occurring on the same timeline.

‘Looper’ portrays a future in which time travel is possible and there are hit men who go to the past to kill people. In one of those assignments, Joe is on a mission to assassinate his young version to cease to exist.

Joe refuses to do so, creating a fatal time loop. After a pursuit adventure, both versions of Joe have the opportunity to assassinate the villain Rainmaker while he is still a child in front of his mother, Sarah; However, young Joe prevents this from happening by committing suicide.

By shooting himself, Joe murdered his version of the future, but created a time paradox in which it was possible that everything that lived during his chase was removed from the timeline and therefore Sarah would not remember Joe.

Director Rian Johnson He explained that, within the universe and the rules of ‘Looper’ time travel, Sarah would always remember what she experienced with Joe.

More than a decade after its release, ‘Inception’, by Christopher Nolan, is still debated by the ambiguity of the outcome.

At the end of the movie, it seems that Cobb has solved his problems and is able to see his children again. Upon arriving home, the protagonist spins the totem and it never stops, leaving open the possibility that it was a dream he could never get out of.

One of the important details of the film is that Cobb’s totem to enter the world of dreams is not the spinning top, but his wedding ring. In the last scene at his house, the ring is not on his hand, which indicates that it is in the real world.

What’s more, Michael Cane He confessed that Christopher Nolan explained that Miles, the character he played, only appears in the scenes that are real and he is present in the last scene with Cobb.

Batman: The Dark Knight Rises

The last part of the Batman trilogy of Chrisotpher Nolan it also left a confusing ending, despite closing the Bruce Wayne story.

After saving Gotham, Bruce Wayne appears to be dead and the final moments of the film show him reading his will, leaving the inheritance to Alfred, the house to the orphans, and revealing the secret of the Batcave to Robin.

After Gotham came to terms with Wayne’s death, Alfred runs into him at a cafe in Italy and they just look at each other without saying a word. Due to the events of the film and Nolan’s storytelling style, it was theorized that the final scene was an illusion of Alfred.

However, Christian Bale explained in an interview with SiriusXM that, for him, the last scene is real and is the symbol of liberation of Bruce Wayne as Batman.

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7 Movie Endings Finally Explained: The One From ‘Inception’ Confused Audiences

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