Christmas dates begin: users show off Star Wars decorations

Users are showing off their star wars christmas decorations, showing the opportunity that brands have when adopting these dates.

The dates christmas They are expected by millions of people around the world to be able to make their due purchases, spend their time with the family and decorate their homes as they please, so in the same way, brands take advantage of these dates and create different products to satisfy different needs and offer consumers new holiday-related offers to get their attention.

According to the graph of Statista Regarding the end-of-year celebrations that represented the highest spending for consumers in Mexico during 2019 and 2020, Christmas dates proved to be the most important in terms of monetary value, as respondents mentioned that 28.2 percent spend the most in the Christmas dinner than on other dates, 20.8 percent spend more on Christmas toys, 19.2 percent on magi toys, 18.3 percent on end-of-year dinner, 7.3 percent on rgive them to exchange Christmas, among others.

Although for some these dates are more aimed at celebrating religious reasons, with the passage of time, multiculturalism, capitalism and the globalization of content have caused Christmas to take on another meaning, where people simply seek to have a good time and buy Christmas decorations that do not necessarily have to do with its origin.

The universe of Star Wars has shown its relevance to the world, being this the second saga of films with the highest number of sales in merchandising items during 2019 with 9,307.19 million dollars, only being surpassed by the Marvel Cinematic Universe (Statista), so some people have taken it into account to fill their homes with some Christmas decorations with this theme.

A content creator under the Twitter user @SombradelImperio has made a publication where he shows a Christmas tree “dressed” as Darth Vader, with the cape and the distinctive case of the character of Star Wars, mentioning that he wants a Christmas tree like that, to which other users on social networks have shown their Christmas creations and decorations related.

This publication currently has more than 5 thousand reactions and 805 retweets, showing itself as an effective post to improve the interaction of your page, however, it demonstrates the opportunity that brands of different aspects have when getting on this type of dates and offering products Christmas

Similarly, other accounts have shown their own star wars christmas decorations.

This time it was the same network users who got creative and created their own Christmas decorations related to the Star Wars UniverseHowever, Disney has already offered created some products for these dates with the most iconic characters of the delivery that we can find on the web, in addition to some others created by different brands.

This would be a clear example of the importance of adding our brands to the Christmas season, offering this type of creative products or related marketing campaigns and increasing our sales during these holidays, just as Nutella chose to do it by launching its own “ugly sweater” with Christmas illustrations, as well as Tupperware with its Christmas campaign where users even created their own trees with tuppers.

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Christmas dates begin: users show off Star Wars decorations

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