Elisa unveils “Back to the future / Back to the future”, her double album in Italian and English

Elisa new album coming in February. The singer-songwriter in fact, on the occasion of his return to the competition Sanremo Festival will launch a double disc with Island Records / Universal Music Italia.

It’s been a good 21 years since a very young girl Elisa, at the time returning from the publication of his second recording project, was participating for the first time in Sanremo triumphing with Light (Northwest sunsets).

Now Elisa is ready to return with a song entitled Or maybe it’s you, a song that we will be able to listen to from 1 to 5 February 2022 at Sanremo Festival and which will be contained in the new album by the artist.

Elisa new album

The new album by Elisa will come after the success of Open diaries a disc released at the end of October 2018 and reissued with new songs the following year (and the title Secret open diaries revealed) certified with a double platinum record.

Double this time will be the album… two discs to represent the two complementary souls of the writing of Elisa. That of the beginnings, in English, and that of the turning point, in Italian.

Also the title of the album, already available in pre-order and autographed, is double and represented by two covers: Ritorno al futuro / Back to the future. Below are the links for the pre orde of the double cd, double vinyl, double autographed CD and double autographed vinyl versions.

that’s how Elisa, on social media, he talked about the project and, above all, about the song he will present at the Festival.

Sometimes in music, in fashion, in art, in cinema … in many forms of expression we have to do with time and space, and with a kind of common feeling.
With an emotional wave that belongs to everyone, and somehow telling that wave is an important part of what we do.
And then there are the dreams and visions.

In these two years I have dreamed of all these songs and I have certainly clung to them several times. I had visions of us all together, singing them, in concerts we couldn’t do. I wanted to write songs that could shake us up and wake us up and help us bring out everything we put in.
I could hear the loud volume from the huge crates closed in the warehouses waiting to be put back on a truck, to restore the dreams to all the people. Me too.

Undaunted, and even though I sometimes felt crazy and stupid, I went on, imagining everything. I dreamed big, I did exercises of imagination and momentum, of projections that save your life, that make you feel strong emotions.

I have done everything I could and for this I am happy. I had to do more, much more. I had to justify the absence, the lack, I had to build new grounds, new tracks on which to run. I observed myself and the world and the pandemic, I was still but this stillness led me to meditate and then choose in a deeper and more definitive way all that I have put together in this double album. I wanted the ransom. I always want it. It doesn’t matter if I can get it, I care how I feel while looking for it.

“O Maybe It’s You” is a star in the sky that I had above my head in these two years, I looked for it and I thought it a little louder … in the night …

Elisa Back to the future Back to the future cover

Elisa is fresh from the release of his new single, Arrow, a song that in a few weeks has reached the podium of the most broadcasted songs on the radio, first among the Italian songs.

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Elisa unveils “Back to the future / Back to the future”, her double album in Italian and English

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