Five Movies Released in 2021 You Can’t Leave Behind

After 12 months it becomes a little difficult to remember all the films that were shown throughout the year. That’s why we leave here the tip of five movies released in 2021 that are unmissable.

private desert

Private Desert releases 2021

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Officer Daniel (Antonio Savoia) made a mistake and it could cost you your career. Faced with emotional conflicts, the man decides to go after Sara, a woman with whom he has a virtual relationship. In a delicate way, breaking with the expectation of disasters and violence, the Bahian Aly Muritiba makes a beautiful film about love while addressing the protagonist’s journey to self-knowledge.

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Minari: In Pursuit of Happiness

Minari releases 2021

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Or drama of Lee Isaac Chung it’s one of the 2021 releases that were right there at the beginning of the year. However, the number of indications to the Oscar that the film received, in addition to the cast and plot make it unforgettable. The director introduces us to the story of a Korean-American family who move to Arkansas in an attempt to live the American dream. The film shows the difficulties faced by them in a different culture, as well as differences between the three family generations.

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nomadland releases 2021


winner of Oscar in the categories Best Film, Direction and Actress, the film addresses the life of homeless migrants in the United States. After being affected by unemployment caused by an economic crisis, Fern (Frances McDormand) has his life changed. Later, her husband dies and the woman leaves in search of seasonal services that allow her to earn an income. In this way, the film shows the reality shock that exists between the American dream of a few decades and the lives of some natives in the face of the end of this utopia.

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Matrix Resurrections

matrix resurrections releases 2021


This is perhaps one of the most anticipated releases of 2021, but also one of the films that most divided opinions. However, for those who followed the resounding launch of Matrix, in 1999, going to theaters to see the long-awaited sequel is inevitable. Despite presenting inconsistency in the development of supporting actors and the absence of large action sequences, the production manages to self-irony effectively. In this way, we come across an entertaining film that both deconstructs the Matrix and restructures the universe according to the director’s changes in these two decades that have passed.

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Summer of Soul (…or When Revolution Can’t Be Televised)

summer of soul


In this documentary the legendary Harlem Cultural Festival, from 1969, is rescued. The event was responsible for valuing black culture, but ended up being overshadowed by the Festival de Woodstock. Still, after 50 years the records of this event are rescued and its story told. At the time, the record was not turned into a documentary by Não. On stage we see big names like Nina Simone, Stevie Wonder, BB King, Gladys Knight & the Pips.

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Five Movies Released in 2021 You Can’t Leave Behind

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