FRIENDS OF MARIA DE FILIPPI: THE SUMMARY OF THE tenth episode. Simone in the balance, Maria blurts out with LDA and Albe

Friends of Maria De Filippi summary tenth episode of the afternoon.

Maria De Filippi enters the studio with a cake full of candles for Alessandra Celentano with the inscription 55.000 BC above it is in fact the birthday of the dance teacher.

After Celentano’s speech, the performances begin and we leave with the dancer Mattia dancing with the professional Elena and reconfirm the shirt.

The time comes for the singing challenge he sees Alex, who finished last in the cover competition judged by J-Ax, against the Milanese band of Fake (who our article about them) represented by the singer. To judge Veronica Vezzoli, talent scout per Sony Music Italy.

It starts with a comparative on Iris of the Go go Dools. The challenge continues with the unpublished. Alex sings Between silences (Rome) and the opponent with Infinity starts from scratch. Win the challenge Alex.

The second challenge is one of dance and sees contrasts Dario e Gabriele judged by Emanuel Lo. Confirm the shirt Dario.

Friends of maria de filippi summarized the competition of singers

This week each singing teacher was able to assign a song to a pupil of another teacher. The professors had the option of putting a true if the piece was considered too far away.

This time it is the professors themselves who vote and the last two will compete.


The Pettinelli would have chosen a piece of Bjork to do without autotune while the Cuccarini I don’t know how to explain from Tiziano Ferro. Luca sings about production choice is for Its oh so quiet from Bjork (with bars composed by the boy).

Cuccarini 7 and a half
Zerbi 10
Pettinelli 0


Anna assign Lady from Sangiovanni. The teacher says: “You are rock and here you have to be light-hearted and you are not …

Pettinelli 7 and a half
Cuccarini 7
Zerbi 10


Track always assigned by Pettinelli which gives him a piece chosen by Sam Smith because “she sings everything as much as Marianna goes to the countryside …“. The boys choose Dancing with a stranger.

Pettinelli 4
Cuccarini 7
Zerbi 7


For him Anna, since the boy always has the face of a funeral, he assigns him I wanna dance with somebody from Whitney Houston.

Pettinelli 5
Zerbi 10
Cuccarini 8


Sing a piece of Michael Bublé.

Pettinelli 3
Zerbi 1 (the boy did not listen to the teacher’s advice not to do it and decides to suspend his shirt soon, in case he overcomes today’s challenge)
Cuccarini 5


On the piece of the Pettinelli Zerbi vetoed. It will do so Spring, Italian cover by Marina Rei.

Cuccarini 7+
Zerbi 7 and a half
Pettinelli 6 and a half


Veto on the piece awarded by Pettinelli. Sing that of Cuccarini. Zerbi asks to move the exhibition to after the girl’s challenge.


The boy sings without autotune an international song assigned to him by Cuccarini.

Cuccarini 6 and a half
Pettinelli 5
Zerbi 6 and a half


Veto on the piece of Anna (the Dark Polo Gang) Zerbi assigned him a song by Is.

Cuccarini 8
Pettinelli 8
Zerbi 8


Via from Claudio Baglioni is the piece chosen by Lorella Cuccarini. The boy, despite having gone well on trial, stops twice forgetting the text. He is offered to do it later but he insists on doing it anyway. However, he stops and returns to perform at the end of the performances.

Zerbi 2
Cuccarini 6 and a half


Sings Home from Giordana assigned by Cuccarini.

Pettinelli 4 and a half
Cuccarini 7 and a half
Zerbi 7

They come last Simone, LDA e Andrea, last classified. Being already in challenge Simone is exonerated but comes the twist … whites would like to challenge himself instead of Luca because he feels he has done less.

LDA is very resentful for the 0 of the Pettinelli. The De Filippi makes it clear to whites which risks debasing LDA proposing himself for the challenge and going against his teacher. The presenter concludes with: “And the balls in life? Choose to be a singer, there is a challenge, you go there, you are challenged every day on Spotify and elsewhere …


They dance in order Serena (who is also asked for a task by the Celentano dance with Dario on a song by Arisa), Christian, Carola ,Guido,

FRIENDS by maria de filippi summarized THE CHALLENGES OF NICOL AND SIMONE

Here comes the challenge of Nicol that will have to deal with Susanna. The comparison is on the unpublished: Nicol sings Spotify, the challenger sings A thousand it seems. Win the challenge Nicol.

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FRIENDS OF MARIA DE FILIPPI: THE SUMMARY OF THE tenth episode. Simone in the balance, Maria blurts out with LDA and Albe

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