Interview with ERRE: “Being able to buy my house in Milan with songs is my dream …”

On the occasion of the release, which took place a few weeks ago, of the new single by Erre, Friday, we took the opportunity to interview the young artist.

The song in its debut week managed to conquer the editorial playlists of Spotify New Music Friday, Indie school e Generation Z.

In recent days the video clip directed by Sebastiano Fernandez and produced by One Shot Agency, see the participation of the influencer Roberta Zacchero.

Born from an idea of ​​the same Erre, the video of the song distributed by ADA Music Italy, through ironic and amusing situations, tells the dynamics of a young couple.

Friday, written by the same Erre and produced by Alessandro Gemelli, Riccardo Amadori e Davide Zucchi, is a pop piece that lightheartedly tells how an encounter can change our life, even in the simplest gestures of every day.


Hi Erre, welcome to All Music Italia. I would leave by telling us a little about you. What is “Friday”, your latest single, about, how was it born and what inspired you?

Hi guys, nice to meet you!

Yup, Friday it is my latest release and it comes from the need for lightheartedness, it was written just before the summer and both the producers and I let ourselves be inspired by the light atmosphere that reigns in that period.

When the piece came out, I brought the whole team together to celebrate and at midnight we were both surprised and happy to have entered the editorial playlists of Spotify, it’s the first time for me and it was a nice surprise. The streams of the song go up day after day, today it is the song that is doing better for me but, as a good thinker (it sounds better than paranoid), I am never completely satisfied and rightly so.

The video for “Friday” features a well-known influencer, Roberta Zacchero, among the co-protagonists. Even social media now play a very important part in the path of an artist, what is your approach towards these platforms?

Yes, it was very pleasant to work with Roberta. As for social networks, well, if I had to listen to my instincts I would probably use my mobile phone once every 3 days but nowadays, especially to emerge, I believe that entertaining your fan base and making yourself known by it is essential to create a bond.

Your songs tell the life and the typical problems of what is called Generation Z, do you feel you can represent your peers through your songs?

I believe that my songs can represent a good slice of my peers as regards the story of the world linked to feelings, those who start following me often write to me that they have lived similar experiences or that they identified with my songs and I can only be happy .

Would you ever attend a talent show?

It’s not my plan A but I’m not ruling out anything… who knows.

How do you imagine your future and what goals do you wish to achieve?

I want to imagine my future full of music: being able to buy my house in Milan with songs is perhaps the concept that best encompasses the goals I have with music.

A hug guys and see you soon! 🙂

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Interview with ERRE: “Being able to buy my house in Milan with songs is my dream …”

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