Music and Health: 5 Benefits of Listening to Music

Listening to music is something that is part of the routine of thousands of people. Whether to improve the mood or to serve as a soundtrack for an activity, there are people who have music as an ally for their daily lives.

What not everyone knows is that music and health can go together! According to scientific research, there are at least 5 benefits related to listening to music.

In other words, if you are already an enthusiast of this type of content, you will like to know that there are other good reasons to increase your playlist. Check out!

Music helps to fix content

It was at the University of Caen, in France, that researchers discovered the relationship between music and students’ content fixation.

In the survey, students who attended a lecture while listening to music were able to perform better on a test that had the same theme as the presentation.

Furthermore, it was found that it is possible to add music to other learning techniques, which enhance the student’s level of focus and concentration.

If you’re going to study for something important, try listening to music while making a mind map, one of the most functional learning techniques. And know that there are software that can help you with the task!

An example is EdrawMind, a program for make mind map that allows the creation of different maps, with pre-configured themes and the possibility of simultaneous editing with other people.

After download EdrawMind, just choose a playlist and focus on studies!

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Image: Freepik (EdrawMind)

Relax before stressful moments

Another of the health benefits of music is the relaxing potential that some rhythms have, with the ability to reduce the stress of moments that can be traumatic.

As an example, many doctors have experimented with putting music on for patients before and after a surgical procedure. Normally, the sound is calm to keep the patient more relaxed.

As a result, many patients report a lower level of concern before and after surgery, which also positively impacts their health recovery.

Decreases anxiety

Anxiety is an emotional reaction that all human beings experience at some point in their lives.

However, many people suffer from a state of constant anxiety. It is as if the concern about what may or may not happen is always with a person.

Global situations, such as the Covid-19 pandemic, also increase the feeling of anxiety. In research from the University of Queensland, it is estimated that anxiety disorder cases increased 28% in the last year alone.

In this sense, music can be a great ally, since one of its benefits is to reduce anxiety.

The reason is simple: when listening to music, it is possible to focus only on the rhythm, as in a mindfulness exercise. Calm or happy songs are ideal for these moments.

Helps reduce PMS symptoms

Every day, thousands of women suffer from PMS symptoms. In addition to mood swings, PMS can cause swelling, cramps and even the increased food consumption.

The good news is that music can help control PMS symptoms. That’s because, depending on the music chosen, the speed of brain waves slows down, causing PMS-related hormones to drop as well.

So if you have TPM, choose a calm playlist and try it out!

improves mood

Finally, one of the health benefits of music that many people have tried is its improved mood.

This is because research has linked the time to listen to music with a period of relaxation. As a result, stressed or sad people were able to feel a better mood.

So, whenever you feel the bad mood coming, it’s worth putting on a song that usually makes you happy, to transform your day!

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Image: Freepik

Music is health!

In fact, the benefits of listening to music go far beyond having a fun time, whether alone or with others.

With music, you can improve mood, reduce bodily symptoms, relax or even do better in studies.

And if music was already part of your daily life before, after this information, it will certainly be even more present!

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Music and Health: 5 Benefits of Listening to Music

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