Sanremo 2022: here are the three Sanremo Young artists who become Big by taking out a ticket for the Festival

Sanremo Festival 2022 cast completo. Wednesday 15th December in the early evening on Rai1 the final of Sanremo Youth 2021. A very important appointment led by Amadeus which not only hosted all the Big’s Sanremo 2022 (except Elisa appeared in connection from home for Covid) but crowned the three artists who arrived on the podium who become the big names of the next Sanremo Festival.

To vote at 50% Amadeus and 50% the Sanremo Youth Commission formed by Claudio Fasulo, Gianmarco Mazzi, Leonardo De Amicis e Massimo Martelli.

But let’s find out together everything that happened during the evening. In this article you can find the complete list of the Big del Sanremo Festival 2022.

Sanremo youth 2021, the evening

Amadeus he begins by recalling that the big names competing at the Festival, 17 of them to be precise, have collected 280 platinum records from 2010 to today.

Enter the first big player who has been missing since Festival since 2012, year in which he won with It’s not hellEmma… “The first thing that comes to mind about that Festival is the orchestra, a magic“. His track in the competition a Sanremo 2022 is titled It is like this every time.

Another big presented, an artist who has been missing for 35 years, the year in which he won with Losing love, is Massimo Ranieri. His song is Letter beyond the sea.

Third big presented is one of the revelations of the year, Sangiovanni. For him a message from Caterina Caselli, his record company, which debuted at the Festival just like him at 19. The song of Sangio is titled Butterflies.

First of the 12 young people in the race is Samia with Let me breathe. He follows was? with Enamel and tint.

New big in the competition … the singer who has won the most festivals … Iva Zanicchi. His song is called I want to love you. Achille Lauro will sing Sunday with L’Harlem Gospel, one of the most important choirs in the world straight from New York.

Then tap Aka 7even receiving a good luck from Gigi D’Alessio and who will present Perfect like this and to follow Michele Bravi competing with Flower winter.

You return to the race with Tananai that sings Exaggerated and to follow Victory with California.

New big… arrives Gianni Morandi which returns to the Festival fifty years after its debut at the event. His piece is called Open all doors. Ana Mena will show up with Two hundred thousand hours. It follows then, in connection from home, Elisa which returns 21 years after its only participation (with victory). The song is Or maybe it’s you.

Rkomi debuts at Sanremo and receives a video of good luck from Tommaso Paradiso. His song is Unsurpassed.

Back to the race with the 19 year old Matteo Romano singing on the piano Heads and tails.

Two women arrive in the big competitions who enter separately … ditonellapiaga e Rector. The song is Chemistry.

We return to the competition with the second of the artists selected by Area Sanremo, Littamè with You fucking have to watch.

Continue with Yuman and his A thousand nights.

Back to the big names with the explosive duo … Mahmood e White. Their song is Chills. “I come to Sanremo without pressure, just to have fun …“He declares Blanchito. He follows Giusy Ferreri with Miele. Follows a singer-songwriter much appreciated in France … Giovanni Truppi. His song is Your father, my mother, Lucia.

We return to the youth competition with Esseho and his Arianna. The ninth singer in the competition follows … Martina Beltrami with I’m talking about you. Continue with Right and the song August in the middle of summer.

Back to the big names with Fabrizio Moro which he will present, after two victories (one in the youngsters and one in the big ones with Ermal Meta), It is you. It’s up to Highsnob & Hu (who last year was among the youth but did not get to Sanremo). For them a movie come on Negramaro… The track in competition is Take care of yourself.

He then rightly returns to the race after the excellent festival of last year, but lived in the room due to a case of contagion in the staff and with a video of the test broadcast every night, Rhythm. His song is Wherever you will be. The list representative returns with instead bye Bye.

Last two youngsters in the race… da Sanremo young or without_cri, gives Area Sanremo, with A me e Bais with What happens to me.

Latest big names presented… sixth Festival to date for Noemi. The new song is I love you I don’t know. Debut for Dargen D’Amico who receives the video greeting of Malika Ayane. His piece is called Where do you dance. The close Vibrations with Very, very much.

The winners of Sanremo youth 2021

Amadeus say hello Pippo Baudo, the real creator of Sanremo Young.

The time comes to announce who you will be going to Sanremo 2022. Amadeus will reveal in order from first to third, only the first three.

Here are the first three places and the three artists who become BIG … two out of three (but then the third name had just been inserted in the regulation, they reflect our rumors that we have published Who).

  1. Yuman with Now and Here
  2. Tananai with Casual Sex
  3. Matteo Romano with Virale

It is these three, all of Universal Music Italy, the new big names in Sanremo Festival 2022. Hopefully, as done by Area Sanremo, the votes of Sanremo young.

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Sanremo 2022: here are the three Sanremo Young artists who become Big by taking out a ticket for the Festival

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