Sanremo 2022: on the occasion of the debut at the Festival, Giovanni Truppi will publish “All the universe – The anthology”

Sanremo 2022 Giovanni Truppi All the universe is the title of the record that the songwriter will release with Virgin Records / Universal Music Italy next February 4th on the occasion of his debut at Sanremo Festival.

Before going to discover this new album, however, let’s summarize the musical history of Giovanni Truppi for those who do not know it.

Sanremo 2022 Giovanni Truppi… a new stage in an extraordinary career

Troops in just over a decade and with five discs he has been able to create an unmistakable stylistic code: a varied musical writing, capable of drawing equally from different languages ​​such as jazz, rock, punk and songwriting, combining them with a metric and melodic inventiveness that compresses or lengthens the syllables to better arrange them between the meshes of harmony.

Writing is then flanked by the skill of Giovanni Truppi musician, whether it is playing piano or guitar, the physicality of the performer.

The well-known French magazine The world of him she said:

Musicians capable of passing are rare
from the infinitely intimate to the immensely cosmic:
(…) Troops is one of them

Born in Naples in 1981) Giovanni he formed musically on the piano and grew up with a strong love for literature. He moved to Rome and released his debut album in 2010 There is a me inside of me.

In 2013 it arrives The world is as you put it in your head, an album recorded entirely live by Giovanni Truppi e Marco Buccelli.

The apex of this first artistic phase comes on the occasion of the third album, YOUNG TROOPS, released in 2015 for Woodworm. On the record he also collaborates with the writer Anthony Moresco for song writing Letter to Pope Francis I.

This is followed by a successful series of piano and voice concerts for which he completely disassembles an acoustic piano to saw it and rebuild it in a smaller size, equip it with a pick-up, and make it connectable to the amplifier like an electric guitar. The solo piano lives confirm its strength, followed with enthusiasm by a still growing audience.

From the experience of the tour comes Solopiano of 2017, disc that shows the songs contained in the three previous albums in a new guise: sparse, but no less powerful.

In 2017 he signed the first song for a film: it’s about Love that does not know how to stay in the world, for the homonymous film directed by Cristina Comencini, for which he was nominated in 2018 ai Silver ribbons for the best original song.

Poetry and civilization of 2019, released with Universal, is an album that is indicated by the press and the media as one of the Italian records of the year, while the French newspaper “The world“Also celebrates music and artistic qualities beyond the Alps.

Shortly after, in 2020, a decidedly original project follows: it is the EP 5 (Universal), produced by Giovanni Pallotti, which contains three songs by Poetry and civilization reread with the complicity of as many guests (Calcutta, Veronica Lucchesi from The List Representative e Niccolò Fabi), plus two unpublished: Procreate, registered with Brunori Sas, e Your phone number.

2021 instead sees the release of the first book of Giovanni Truppi titled The adventure (La Nave di Teseo) and accompanied by the publication of a new song bearing the same title.

The period of forced distance from the stage for the Pandemic coincides with the beginning of a new phase of musical writing, for which Giovanni look for a contact with two respected authors for some time, Pacifico e Niccolò Contessa, already owner of the project I Cani.

With them and with his trusted collaborators Marco Buccelli e Giovanni Pallotti begins to exchange a series of ideas, including a piece that soon comes to fruition: it is Your father, my mother, Lucia, the song that will be competing at the Sanremo Festival.

The piece is manufactured by Marco Buccelli e Taketo Gohara with the collaboration of Stefano Nanni.


Sanremo 2022 Giovanni Truppi. And so we come to today …

Your father, my mother, Lucia it is an apparently classic piece in its setting and at the same time daring and original in terms of metrics and structure and for the melody that seems to remain suspended in the air every time.

The song was written with the complicity of his two most trusted musical partners – Marco Buccelli e Giovanni Pallotti – together with two exceptional signatures of the Italian song, Pacifico e Niccolò Contessa.

The February 4th will be released on CD and on all digital platforms for Virgin Records/Universal Music Italia ALL UNIVERSE, an anthology that contains the artistic essence of Giovanni Truppi and his ten years of music.

The songs on the tracklist were chosen among the most representative among those published over a decade in the four unreleased albums. To follow the cover of the album (Photo by Mattia Zoppellaro, artwork by Valerio Bulla) and the tracklist.

  1. Your Father, My Mother, Lucia
  2. The Only One Beyond Love
  3. Superman
  4. Mia feat. Calcutta
  5. Nobody
  6. Getting to know each other in a difficult situation
  7. The whole universe
  8. Pirates
  9. Bourgeoisie
  10. Sunday
  11. You’re Doing Well Giovanni
  12. Friends In Space
  13. The World Is As You Put It On Your Head
  14. Procreare feat. Brunori Sas
  15. To disappear

Cover photo by Mattia Zoppellaro

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Sanremo 2022: on the occasion of the debut at the Festival, Giovanni Truppi will publish “All the universe – The anthology”

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