The Italian-Peruvian duo Bautista releases the new single Coca while waiting for their debut album

BAUTISTA, the duo formed by the Italian manufacturer Sunset and the Peruvian singer 999asura, released the new single Coca (Carosello Records/The Orchard).

Coca anticipates the debut album EMOTON, to be released on Friday 14 January and already available in the presave. A one-of-a-kind recording project that best represents their musical universe and above all the genre that they themselves have created and of which they are spokespersons: the emoton, in fact.

The term comes from the union of “emo” and “reggaeton” and indicates a very particular genre that recalls Latin music and the South of the world for its sonority but which is characterized by very deep and introspective contents and themes.

The apparently distant worlds of reggaeton and Latin sounds in a broader sense blend with the emotionally exasperating narrative of the Emo genre, demonstrating how something new, unexpected and full of meaning can be born from diversity.

Coca follow Callao and draws inspiration from the shōnen, i hero’s journeys of Japanese manga culture.

Sunset e 999asura they have embarked on a path of intense, surprising and meaningful inner growth.

If Callao was the first stage of the journey – “awareness” – with “Coca” we reach that of “conflict”, with others but above all with ourselves.

Perhaps a more demanding phase to overcome, which leads to colliding with one’s inner demons but which is necessary in order to improve, grow and project oneself towards personal fulfillment.

In the piece it is as if Machweo’s sound, meticulously detailed, combined with the hypnotic voice of 999asura, transported the listener to the crowded and chaotic streets of Bogotà mentioned in the text, to the tireless search for the person for whom one is like “a madman without dignity ”, in a sort of sentimental abstinence that ensnares and at the same time leads to wandering aimlessly in the maze of one’s memories.

We know the Bautistas better

BAUTISTA is the project of Giorgio Spedicato aka Sunset e Gustavo Aaron Saavedra aka 999asura.

The name of the duo is the surname of Aaron’s mother, to whom the artist has always been very attached.

The partnership between the two begins in April 2019, when Giorgio asks Aaron to write about one of his productions.

The collaboration takes shape more and more and leads to the birth of BAUTISTA, which releases the single in January 2020 Emoton1.

The duo draws considerable media attention that Spotify chooses to include it in the shortlist of artists selected for the global program “Spotify Radar”.

He was also betting on the talent of the two boys Vevo. Has reported BAUTISTA among the projects to keep an eye on this year and has included Sunset e 999asura among the names to follow 2021.

After joining the Carousel Records, i BAUTISTA they continued to produce music and released the songs To death e Notoriety, released in February, and A good story, out of April.

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The Italian-Peruvian duo Bautista releases the new single Coca while waiting for their debut album

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