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Released in September 2016, the TikTok it presented itself as a short video platform (something like an evolution of Vine), in which users presented fun choreographies for songs. The app’s immense global popularity expanded the content to comedy numbers and even webseries, but the main element remained: music and dance. More than that, the influence of posts Viral today already influences the way artists and record labels think about creation. There are countless cases of songs viralized in the app that later won the streaming charts. Or songs initially unnoticed by the general public “rescued” and resized on TikTok.

Artists like Lil Nas X were born within this context: their initial hit, Old Town Road, gained prominence months after its official release. The reason: TikTokers loved the danceable country-pop-rap vibe and made it the score of a challenge. However, it is important to emphasize that Lil Nas already promoted music through the creation of memes, showing the generational vision of the composer, a legitimate Gen Z.


Lil nas x old #fyp #lilnasx #oldtownroad

♬ Old Twon Road – 𝗚𝗮𝗿𝗱$

Unpredictability is another striking factor in TikTok’s musical universe: record labels’ efforts to release shorter, more danceable remixes don’t always result in virals; one of the outstanding hits of the Chinese network is Oh No, do rapper Kreepa. Released without fanfare, it made the then-unknown MC climb the charts. Curious, since only an instrumental part is used in the challenges. Furthermore, the famous “Oh no” is a sample of an old song by the band Shangri Las.

Here in Brazil, a very relevant aspect is the great predominance of funk in viral posts. Especially funk bitching, with verses full of explicit sexuality. A sample of the transversality of the genre, still mostly created in the country’s peripheral ghettos and serving as a soundtrack for young people from different social classes. Between pure hedonism as the end in itself of dancing and teenage malice to escapism as a subterfuge and resistance strategy of the favela, funk is shown to be in line with the yearnings of youth. And TikTok reinforces this scenario.

Another example of successful TikTok connection and stops is Of course, from Marina Sena. The singer from Minas Gerais released the acclaimed debut album with great repercussion, but the viralization of the song in challenges made it a national hit.


I already laid in your soVUKVUKVUKVUK

♬ as original – marina sena

Since the 1950s, there has been an adaptation of the duration of the songs to the form and media of consumption of each era, whether on the 45-rev. concept of single, that is, single music) until the expanded space of CDs in the 1990s.

All this influence generates discussions: after all, does the emphasis on song fragments, specific verses, melodic hooks and beats limit and reduce the quality of a work? Artists who create already thinking about trends of the application are deviating from the noble purpose of art? Or do we just have a passing time frame and maybe even an alternative way to publicize our work? With the word, the listener.

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TikTok: The Way “Gen Z” Chose to Listen to Music | Pave Music

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