New nightingales took off: the renewed poll was dominated by Marek Ztracený, Ewa Farna, Mirai and Řezník

The Czech Nightingale poll returned after four years and, together with the new voting system, also brought in new winners. The era of long-standing dominance of Karel Gott, Lucie Bílá and Kabát seems to have ended. In all the main categories, voters sent musicians to the first place, who had never been there before.

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Marek Ztracený took over the imaginary baton after Gott, the holder of forty-two golden nightingales. Ivana Gottová symbolically presented him with the award. The Šumava hitmaker, who filled the O2 arena twice last year and this year, is also an Absolute Nightingale – he received a total of 48,048 votes. In addition, he triumphed in the Impuls radio listeners with the song “Moje milá”, which he presented live. Pokáč won the silver medal among the singers, Richard Krajčo the bronze medal. The category of singers was dominated by Ewa Farna, who performed this year’s hit “Body”. He will soon be released with other songs on her long-awaited album “Umami”. The twenty-time winner Bílá finished second, the bronze nightingale was won a bit surprisingly by Eva Burešová, the star of the “Slunečná” series.

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The most popular group was chosen by Frýdek-Místek Mirai, whose album novel “Maneki Neko” was released just a few days ago. Kryštof and Kabát, who repeatedly scored in previous years, ranked second and third. In the new hip hop & rap category, the controversial Butcher succeeded, declaring that “Czech pop music is at a complete bottom, it can’t be listened to.” He urged the fans not to vote for him again, this year he allegedly came to settle accounts with an old nightingale – in 2013, media partner Mattoni took away the Internet Star award in a closely watched case. Behind him were Marpo and Raego.

Michal Horák
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Songwriter Michal Horák became the discovery of the year in the competition of Annabelle and the band Bert & Friends. Viktor Sheen, who did not take part in the announcement, won the prize for the most streaming song “Divided Worlds”. More than 216,000 votes were submitted to the poll, which Karel Janeček took under the patronage of the D21 method. Fans chose their favorites this time exclusively on the Internet and could now choose up to five names in each category without distinguishing their order. Janecek himself took care of another hot moment of the evening when he criticized the covid restrictions. The ceremony, which was broadcast live on Nova TV, took place at the Karlín Music Theater in Prague. It was moderated by Ondřej Sokol and Aleš Háma, in addition to those already mentioned, Kryštof, Pokáč or Kapitán Demo performed. There was also a memory of Karel Gott, Mira Žbirka and Hana Hegerová. Singer of the year:
1. Marek Ztracený
2. Come on
3. Richard Krajčo Singer of the Year:
1. Ewa Farna
2. Lucie Bílá
3. Eva Burešová Band of the year:
1. Mirai
2. Kryštof
3. Jacket Hip hop & rap:
1. Butcher
2. Marpo
3. Raego Discovery of the Year: Michal Horák
The most popular song of Impuls radio listeners: Marek Ztracený – Moje milá
Most streaming song: Viktor Sheen – Divided Worlds
Absolute Nightingale: Marek Ztracený 66941

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New nightingales took off: the renewed poll was dominated by Marek Ztracený, Ewa Farna, Mirai and Řezník

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