NOAH, Ardhito Pramono to Isyana Sarasvati, who will bring home the 24th AMI Cup : Okezone Celebrity

ANUGERAH The 24th Indonesian Music Awards (AMI Awards) held this year, there were 2 additional general categories and 1 special category. Many new names in the Indonesian music industry have also been nominated for AMI this year.

However, senior musicians are still perched on this year’s nomination list, which means they are still working and remain in the hearts of music listeners.

For example, NOAH, who was nominated this year in the Best Pop Duo/Group category with the song ‘Badai Pasti Berlalu’, competed with Juicy Luicy with the song ‘Lantas’, Maliq & D’Essential with the song ‘Bilang’, Mocca with the song ‘Simple I Love You’ and RAN with the song ‘The People I Hate the Most’.

NOAH sang again the song ‘Badai Pasti Berlalu’ by Erros Djarot, which was previously quite famous by the late Chrisye. Because the song is so well known to many people. Noah, which consists of Ariel, Lukman and David, still exists in the Indonesian music scene, even though his personnel have left him several times. It has been proven since its appearance with the album ‘Taman Langit’ in 2003 until now with its newest album ‘Keterkaitan Ketikatan’, it has always succeeded in producing songs that are of interest to music lovers, as well as winning the Best-Best Album category at AMI in 2020.

Meanwhile, this year, those in the Best-Best Album category are Marcello Tahitoe with the album title ’99’, Arsy Widianto, Tiara Andini with the album ‘Arti Untuk Cinta’, Raisa with ‘It’s Personal’, Rendy Pandugo with the album ‘See You Someday. ‘, Ardhito Pramono with the album ‘Semar & Monkey Troops’ and Pamungkas with the album ‘Solipsism 0.2’.

Ardhito Pramono, who previously won the Best Contemporary Jazz Artist category, this year also received several nominations again. This young idol jazz singer who was born on May 22, 1995, produces many of his own songs. So far, Ardhito has released 5 mini albums Ardhito Pramono (2017), Playlist vol 2 (2017), a letter to my 17 years old (2019), the craziest thing happened in my backyard (2020), Semar and the monkey army (2021). With the song ‘Bitterlove’ being one of the most watched music videos with 25 million views on his personal YouTube. In addition to music, it turns out that he is also good at acting and has completed his undergraduate education majoring in film at JMC Academy, Australia.

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In contrast to Isyana Sarasvati, who graduated from the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, Singapore and the Royal College of Music, United Kingdom, she was nominated in the Best-Best Production category with her song ‘Unlock The Key’. The singer, who has many achievements since his school days, has also brought home the Indonesian Music Award several times, ranging from Best Newcomer, Best Male/Female Solo Singer/R&B/Urban, Best Male/Female Solo Artist and many more.

This beautiful woman who is good at playing musical instruments such as piano, flute, violin, electone and saxophone, has just released a new song entitled Dear: Naif with her musician friends, Diskoria, Ardhito Pramono and others. Will this year he will again bring home the 24th AMI trophy?

And who will take home the Indonesian Music Award trophy this year? Watch the 24th AMI Awards Peak Night which will be held on 15 November 2021 live on RCTI.


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NOAH, Ardhito Pramono to Isyana Sarasvati, who will bring home the 24th AMI Cup : Okezone Celebrity

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