Remembering Rony Dozer, Succeeding in Being a Comedian to slamming into an Online Taxi Driver : Okezone Celebrity

ACTOR at the same time comedian Rony Dozer died Thursday 11 November 2021. The news of the death of Rony Dozer was confirmed directly by two former colleagues, Tora Sudiro through uploads on Instagram.

“Once, when we were as big as this, we were stuck in the minicooper until Ron was out of breath… we saw eye to eye and immediately laughed… I can’t believe we have spent a lot of time together.. Thank you Friends, thank you for being part of my life story ama mieke πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™ RIP Rony Dozer @dozersmile75,” wrote Tora Sudiro in the photo caption.

Until this news was written, the exact cause of Rony Dozer’s death was not known. The actor’s body was reportedly already at the funeral home.

Rony Dozer . career journey

During his lifetime, Rony Dozer was known as one of the actors and comedians who successfully kicked off the Indonesian entertainment world. The man whose real name is Rony Antonius Setiawan started his career by playing the big screen film Jalangkung in 2001 ago.

Thanks to his prowess in acting, Rony Dozer continues to get a number of film offers including The Apocalypse is Near.

In 2004, Rony Dozer spread his wings by playing in the sketch comedy Extravaganza on a private television station. Together with Tora Sudiro, Aming, Indra Birowo, Virnie Ismail, and Sogi Indra Duaja, Rony managed to bring fresh air to the Indonesian comedy industry.

His name is also widely known throughout Indonesia. Inevitably, when he then got so many offers to play in big screen films to soap operas from a number of well-known directors.

Had become an online taxi driver

Unfortunately, the popularity that Rony Dozer got in the world of acting did not last long. In 2016, a photo of Rony as an online taxi driver suddenly went viral on social media.

However, Rony denied that the work he did was not solely because his career in the entertainment world was fading.

“I’m not very lonely (job). Whether it’s soap operas, films or advertisements. I’m still active, even though it’s not just the media on TV or movies,” he said when met by the MNC Portal Indonesia team on August 23, 2016 in South Jakarta.

Rony admitted that he was not ashamed to undergo the profession because he had prepared mentally and sincerely lived it. He added that his artistic status did not determine his income and he was even asked to take selfies with passengers.

“Initially, I was not ashamed, but how to prepare mentally to be sincere. Because passengers will see. It’s not a problem for the artist, you know, because there is a ranking. If a bad attitude becomes an achievement too. When I became an online taxi, I put my artistry aside first. There are also passengers who don’t know me and end with a selfie together,” he explained.

The change of profession to become an online taxi driver is considered as justice from God because he gets the results in a lawful way.

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Remembering Rony Dozer, Succeeding in Being a Comedian to slamming into an Online Taxi Driver : Okezone Celebrity

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