5 Differences in Vanessa Angel’s 40 Day Recitation Event Held by Doddy and Faisal, Number 2 Makes Heads shake : Okezone Celebrity

NEWS the two families of the late Vanessa Angel and Aunt Ardiansyah still haven’t stopped being a public talk. After the conflict over the inheritance, custody of Gala Sky, and rumors of moving the tomb, now social media is shocked by the significant difference seen in the recitation event held by Doddy Sudrajat’s family and Faisal.

So how did the two events that were held last night, December 13, 2021, go? The following is a series of differences in the 40-day recitation program for Vanessa Angel and Aunt Ardiansyah’s departure.

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Doddy is luxurious in the building, Faisal is simple at home

The difference in the location chosen by the family of Doddy Sudrajat and Faisal seems to have received various responses from Netizens. Through a video uploaded by @aikochanofficial on TikTok, it appears that Vanessa Angel’s 40 daily event was held in a magnificent ballroom. Meanwhile, Faisal’s family chose to use the funeral home of the late Vanessa and Bibi as the location for the study.

Doddy prepares entertainment events, Faisal only holds a recitation

The next difference seems to reap more negative comments from Netizens. After the recitation was held, Doddy’s family apparently had prepared an entertainment event for the invited guests.

Quoted via Instagram @lambenyinyir_official, Mayang and Chika can be seen singing a song on a magnificent stage, with a collection of portraits of the late Vanessa during her life as the background. The appearance was even boisterous by the applause of the invited guests, you know.

Doddy prepares the stage, Faisal is more intimate at home

Unlike the event held by Vanessa’s father, Faisal’s family chose to hold a recitation in general. Although it was only held in the house with a tent added to the front yard area, the invited guests seemed to be wise in praying for the parents of Gala Sky Ardiansyah.

Doddy only has a degree for Vanessa, Faisal has a degree for both

There is something different from the lessons held by Doddy and his family. In contrast to Faisal who held a recitation for his son and daughter -in -law at the same time, the lavish recitation held by Doddy was apparently only held for the late Vanessa Angel.

This suddenly reaped negative public comments to Doddy Sudrajat and his family. Even oddly enough, Doddy didn’t even show a single portrait of Bibi at last night’s recitation.

Doddy invited many guests to wear ticket bracelets, Faisal invited his friends

Not only the stage, entertainment, and luxury buildings, another difference was seen from the invited guests who attended the 40-day recitation of Vanessa Angel’s departure.

Through Puput Soedrajat’s Instagram upload, it appears that Vanessa Angel’s continued mother is wearing a bracelet that looks like an entrance ticket. Allegedly, the purple ticket was used as access for invited guests to enter the ballroom area, you know.

Meanwhile, the recitation held by Faisal’s family seemed to be visited by neighbors, friends, and celebrity friends who filled the household. In the event, Umi Pipik was also seen giving tausiyah.

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5 Differences in Vanessa Angel’s 40 Day Recitation Event Held by Doddy and Faisal, Number 2 Makes Heads shake : Okezone Celebrity

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