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JAKARTA – All things about celebrity life in the country always reap the public spotlight. One of them is the life of the artist Celine evangelista, who recently divorced Stefan William.

Starting from career, personal matters, to the twists and turns of Celine’s romance, netizens have not been able to escape the attention of netizens. Moreover, in recent times he has always been a hot topic of conversation.

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Here we review 5 interesting facts about Celine Evangelista.

1. Ever Dropped Out of School

Behind her current success, Celine had dropped out of school in the second grade of junior high school. The reason, he was busy filming to help the family economy.

But in the end he was determined to go back to school like other children. Celine eventually finished her education by choosing home schooling.

2. Dirly Sompie’s Ex-Wife

Before marrying Stefan William, Celine was married to singer Dirly Dave Sompie in 2012. They adopted a child named Jemima Guri Clementine Sompie, then they had a daughter, Eeleya Xaviera Sompie.

Unfortunately, Celine only felt the happiness of marriage with Dirly in just a short time. In 2013, the two decided to divorce and the children were raised by the actress.

3. Failed to Marry with Stefan William

Celine released her widowhood by marrying actor Stefan William on November 10, 2016 in Uluwatu, Bali. They have two children, namely Lucio Otthild William and Eadred Koa Lewis Miguel.

After news of the rift broke out, Celine and Stefan were surprisingly officially divorced on October 18, 2018. The media did not notice the divorce lawsuit for the actress at the South Jakarta District Court.

4. Same-sex marriage issues

The news of this Italian-Indonesian woman marrying the same sex with a tomboyish woman named Bacil in America was widely circulated around 2016. It was strengthened by the spread of portraits of the two in the middle of a procession such as a wedding.

Celine’s mother, Vincentia Nurul, even confirmed that her son had recently married the same sex. But Celine has denied it ever since the issue just circulated. He explained that his relationship with Bacil was only that of friends.

5. Reportedly Engaged Soon

After separating from Stefan William, Celine is reportedly ready to immediately release her widowhood. This is because of what he said when he met Linda, the collaboration partner of the late Vanessa Angel, who was about to launch a luxury diamond product.

On that occasion, Celine asked about the wedding ring to Linda. “Soon we want my fiancé, please pray for me,” said Celine in Linda’s upload, Friday, November 19, 2021.

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5 Interesting Facts about Celine Evangelista : Okezone Celebrity

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