Adriana Volpe replies to Magalli after the sentence: “You don’t just pay a fine, you have been sentenced”

Adriana Volpe did not remain silent after the “conviction” by the Court of Milan for aggravated defamation a Giancarlo Magalli in relation to an interview released by the journalist in the magazine ‘Chi’ in November 2017. The presenter indulged in a vent after a sentence that – in any case – greatly reduces the demands made by the prosecution.

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The Fox talking to the Adnkronos speaks directly to the former colleague: “Dear Magalli, the newspapers reading your post immediately reported headlines like ‘Magalli only has to pay a fine,’ I have been fined ‘. No Giancarlo you have been sentenced!“, points out. “Yesterday the court of Milan sentenced you for the crime of aggravated defamation – the presenter continues, addressing Magalli again – At the exit, instead of apologizing, you ran out to write a post on Facebook trying to distort and belittle this sentence which instead has an extraordinary scope and weight. You wrote false and discrediting things as always».  «Giancarlo – says the Fox again – with your actions you have changed the course of my working life but perhaps you do not know that you have managed to bring out a strength that not even I knew I had, I pulled it out to respond to your insults, serious allusions and gratuitous wickedness that you said and wrote».

In reality, as anticipated yesterday by Leggo, the prosecution had asked for a sentence of 9 months in prison for Magalli who, therefore, can only be satisfied with the outcome of the affair.

Fox explains: «It is a battle that I fought for myself, for my daughter and for all the women who are victims of abuse and harassment at work. Reading your post – he continues – you wrote: ‘The judge gave me a fine (which I don’t even have to pay), a provisional fee (which I don’t have to pay) and legal fees (which I will pay)’. Well, get informed why: You will pay my compensation of 25 thousand euros. I remember you is a provisional that must be paid because it is immediately enforceable. You will have to compensate all the legal expenses, you will have to pay me further damages that will be quantified by the civil judgee».

«I have to thank for this the extraordinary work of the lawyers Nicola Menardo and Stefania Nubile of the Grande Stevens firm – continues the presenter “, who is keen to explain to the former colleague that” I will pay the money I will receive to an association that protects women victims of violence because this is a battle I did not for your money but for justice , to have a sentence that helps to fight ancient legacies linked to women who still die hard today and I hope that this sentence encourages all women who have found themselves in my condition to react and report ”.

Then La Volpe even turns to Rai as if to ask for Magalli to be removed. “Now that the judicial authority has ruled, I hope that Rai will do the same, to protect its image on public TV. Today the judicial case of the Court of Milan has closed. See you in April at the Court of Rome where an indictment is still pending for you»Concludes La Volpe.

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Adriana Volpe replies to Magalli after the sentence: “You don’t just pay a fine, you have been sentenced”

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