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NIGHT The peak of the 2021 Indonesian Music Awards (AMI) Awards was lively. It opened with a super grand medley performance, a collaboration between Sruti Respati and Lyodra who performed the song ‘The Last Message’. This was followed by the collaboration song ‘If Bosan’ between Lyodra & Ade ‘Govinda’, and ended with the song ‘Without Time Limit’ a collaboration between Lyodra, Fadly ‘Padi’, and Ade ‘Govinda’.

Next, the first award was read by Judika & Lesti in the category of “Best Collaborative Production Work”, which was won by Diskoria, Laleilmanino, Eva Celia with the song ‘CHRISYE’, then continued with the category of “Best Newcomer” which was won by Anneth. The event, which was hosted by Boy William & Enzy Storia, was even more lively with a stunning performance from Diskoria, Eva Celia & Laleilmanino with the song ‘CHRISYE’.

The next award that was read out was the category “Best Male Pop Solo Artist” which was read by Andi Rianto & Rossa, and won by Judika. Meanwhile, in the “Best Best Album” category, Raisa won with her album It’s Personal, which she hasn’t finished yet, with this award, it makes her even more enthusiastic about finishing her album.

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Followed by a special award ‘Best Dedication’ read by Ariel ‘Noah’ & BCL, the award was given to Titiek Puspa. Towards the ‘Legend Award’ award, the young musicians sang a medley of songs ‘You Seputih Melati’ performed by Ziva Magnolya, ‘Kau Yang Kusayang’ performed by Mahalini & Anneth, and ended with a beautiful collaboration from Ziva Magnolya, Anneth, Mahalini, Chua ‘Box’, Sita ‘Base Jam’ and Wanda Omar who performed Dara Puspita’s song ‘Surabaya’. The ‘Legend Award’ was given to Dian Praman Poetra who was represented by her daughter, The Rollies and also Titik Hamzah ‘Dara Puspita’.

The audience was swept away by Lesti’s performance with her song ‘Kulepas With Ikhlas’, followed by Andmesh’s performance with her song ‘Can Without You’, as well as the performance of Raisa, Titi DJ & Andi Rianto with ‘Language of the Heart’.

The announcement of the winners continued in the category of ‘Best Female Pop Solo Artist’ which was won by Raisa. In the category of ‘Best Contemporary Jazz Artist’ won by Candra Darusman & Dian Sastrowardoyo. While the song ‘Language of the Heart’ performed by Raisa & Andi Rianto won the category of ‘Best Best Production Work’.

Collaborative performances from young Indonesian musicians such as Anneth, Kaleb J, Mahalini, and Stevan Pasaribu were very touching and entertaining for the guests who were present in the studio. In the middle of the event, one of the most awaited awards, namely the ‘Lifetime Achievement Award’ was given to Iwan Fals. Followed by the appearance of Iwan Fals who brought the song ‘Patah’.

The performance was continued by Ahmad Dhani, Mulan Jameela, Dul Jaelani and Tissa Biani who performed the songs ‘Kangen’ and ‘Cinta Kan Brings You Back’. The AMI Awards 2021 awards ceremony ended with the reading of the nominations from the category “Best Male/Female Dangdut Solo Artist” which was won by Lesti and for the category “Best Original Soundtrack Production Work” won by Ade Govinda, Fadly with the song ‘No Limits’. This event also closed with performances from NDX AKA & Rara Lida who performed the song ‘Apa Kabar Mantan’.


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Anugerah Musik Indonesia Awards 2021 with Indonesian Musicians : Okezone Celebrity

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