Audio Series Ikatan Cinta Eps 27, Aldebaran’s Struggle Takes Andin’s Heart : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Audio series Love Bond tells the story of the life of two brothers named Andin dan Elsa. In Bond of Love Eps 27, the story begins when Aldebaran or “AL” invites Andin to go home with him, “Andin…let’s go home together” invites AL. Mirna, who knew about the Navy’s mode of action, rushed to leave the two of them, “It looks like my motorcycle taxi has arrived first, I think I’ll go first, yes, yes!” said Mirna while moving away from Andin and the Navy. Since being left alone with AL, the people around them both began to talk about it. Andin, who heard this, immediately rejected AL’s offer, “Um… no, thanks. I also ordered an online motorcycle taxi, maybe I was waiting at the bus stop. Thank you, sir, for the invitation,” said Andin.

On the other hand, Papa Surya and Mama Sarah were on their way home from Papa Surya’s business restaurant. On the way, Mama Sarah remembered that her bag which was given to her by Elsa was left at the restaurant, “Pah … I thought I left my bag at the shop,” said Mama Sarah while rushing in panic. Papa Surya, who was tired, asked Mama Sarah to come back the next day, “Just tomorrow, it won’t go away,” said Papa Surya, trying to calm his wife down. Not long after, Papa Surya got a call because the restaurant he owned was on fire. Without thinking, Papa Surya turned his car back to his restaurant.

Arriving there, Papa Surya forced his way into his burning restaurant to save the remnants of valuables. His actions made local residents try to restrain him from entering, but it didn’t work. Andin (embed Andin with utm link) who was crossing his father’s restaurant on fire decided to approach. Mama Sarah, who panicked when she saw her husband enter the restaurant, asked the local residents for help, “Help! Help! My husband inside please!” said Mama Sarah. Andin who knew this did not need to think long. Andin immediately went in after his father to save him. In the burning restaurant, Andin continued to call his father, shouting, “Daddy! Papa!” said Andi.

Seeing his father trapped among the ruins Andin tried to save him. However, the smoke was getting thicker and it was difficult for Andin to breathe. Andin and Papa Surya who had started to feel weak also helped each other so that they could survive until help arrived. The Navy, which had been following Andin, rushed inside to save Andin and Papa Surya. AL called Andin loudly hoping Andin could reply to his screams, “Andin! Andy!” said AL while continuing to shout looking for Andin. They met and AL immediately helped Papa Surya to get out of the fire. Andin who was still left inside, the Navy immediately went back inside as soon as possible. Andin, who was already weak from inhaling too much smoke, was carried by AL. Andin, who was not comfortable with what the Navy had done to him, asked the Navy to lower him. The Navy refused firmly and replied, “It’s a man’s job to protect women,” said Navy, in a hurry because of the heat of the fire and also the thick smoke.

How does the story of the audio series continue Love Bond? Will Aldebaran succeed in winning Andin’s heart? Enjoy the different sensations of Bonds of Love in audio only on Roov. Download the Roov app at Google Play Store and Apple App Store.


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Audio Series Ikatan Cinta Eps 27, Aldebaran’s Struggle Takes Andin’s Heart : Okezone Celebrity

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