Create Your Own Song, Rimar Callista Releases New Single Titled “Waiting For You To Come Back” : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTARimar Callista spawned his latest work. Yes, the singer who has charming visuals and is highly talented has re-released a new single entitled “Waiting for You to Come Back”.

This single became the second released by Rimar Callista under the banner of the record label Universal Music Indonesia. Previously, in April 2021, Rimar released his debut single titled “Time and Attention”.


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This single is very special for the champion of the Indonesian Idol 2021 talent search event this eleventh season. The reason is, this song is the result of Rimar’s own creation, which is also a sign that Rimar has talent not only in singing but also in creating slick works.

In the process, Rimar collaborated with Tohpati, one of the country’s senior musicians who has produced many of the best works, whose ability to produce songs cannot be doubted.

Returning to the single material “Waiting for You to Come Back”, this song puts forward the color of pop ballad music with a sad feel to be presented. This is very fitting with the lyrics of the song itself which tells about a love story but from the side of sadness that is displayed.

Talking about the lyrics, the song “Waiting for You to Come Back” focuses on a story of someone who was left by his lover, because of his love he was willing to wait for her to return until the right time to be together again. That’s more or less the outline of the story of the song “Waiting for You to Come Back” by Rimar.

In terms of arrangement, as mentioned above, this song presents a pop ballad as the color of the music. The harmonious sound of the piano instrument is dominant in the arrangement in the sound department and at the same time adds to the feeling of sadness in this song.

Not to mention the addition of Rimar’s vocal character who is very strong in emphasis and pronunciation, making the song easy to understand, comfortable to listen to, and also a complete package to become one of the best love ballads.

Through the single “Waiting for You to Come Back”, Rimar hopes that his existence in the Indonesian music industry will continue to run well. In addition, those who hear will relate to the condition of the story from each of the lyrics delivered.

So, what are you waiting for, just listen to this single created by Rimar on all digital music service platforms, and make it your daily playlist. Enjoy, guys!

About Rimar Callista

Rimar Callista was born in Jakarta on January 18, 1997. He is also a graduate of the Department of Petroleum Engineering at Trisakti University 2015-2020.

Rimar’s talent and talent and competitive spirit have been seen for a long time. Even before winning the eleventh season of Indonesian Idol in 2021, he was noted to have participated in several other talent search events.

In 2015, Rimar Callista was a participant in the fourth season of Starvoices Indonesia and placed third. Then he became known to the public after participating in the second season of The Voice Indonesia talent search event in 2016, although his steps were stopped in the knockout round.

Still in 2015, Rimar Callista was also one of the finalists and represented Indonesia in the ASEAN ‘Be Our Rock & Pop Soul’ music competition held in Vietnam.

Not only that, her track record was also recorded in 2018 when she participated in the third season of I Can See Your Voice Indonesia and played Susan in the guest star episode Bertha.

He also had a duet with Dimash Kudaibergen, an international singer from Kazakhstan in a solo concert held in St.Peterburg, Russia, in 2019 which was watched by around 13,000 spectators.

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Create Your Own Song, Rimar Callista Releases New Single Titled “Waiting For You To Come Back” : Okezone Celebrity

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