Deddy Corbuzier testifies, Laura Anna is a cheerful character: Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Selebgram Edelenyi Laura Anna has breathed his last, Wednesday (15/12/2021). Deddy Corbuzier as one of the most familiar Indonesian artists recently reminisced about the moment and revealed Laura’s figure through his YouTube.

According to Deddy, Laura is an extraordinary cheerful person. He also has a myriad of life stories that inspire and motivate many people.

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Without fanfare, Deddy Corbuzier Donates Rp250 Million for Laura Anna

“Laura is here, it brings memories, an inspiration, a great motivation for me, for all of us,” said Deddy Corbuzier on his Youtube.

Deddy also said that all this time Laura Anna was very independent. Laura continues to open endorsements to pay for her treatment even though she is experiencing paralysis. In fact, there are not a few endorsed products that he does voluntarily.

“Some of these endorsements are free of charge by Laura if these people need it. That’s the beauty of Laura’s heart,” said Deddy Corbuzier.

Previously, Deddy also had time to provide assistance funds worth Rp250 million to Laura. Not at the request of the celebgram, Deddy really wanted to help Laura sincerely from his heart.

“Laura didn’t come here asking for anything, what I gave her yesterday before she died, it wasn’t Laura’s request. That’s why we help because we can help,” said Deddy Corbuzier.

However, apparently, the money was actually distributed to orphans because Laura considered herself to be still in affluent condition. This was reported directly by Laura via voice message to the comedian Marshel Widianto, the person who gave the money to Laura.

“Marshel Rp250 million is mostly for me, I swear. I’m still there, not at least I’m like that. Tell Om Ded, thank you very much, I will definitely give this to orphans,” Laura said in the video.

Then, Laura also plans to buy orphans a gift containing toys. Laura also had time to invite Marshel and Deddy to help out when distributing it.

“If you want me to come with you, I’ll buy gifts from Om Ded too, if you want to continue, we’ll donate it to orphans,” continued Laura.

Laura said that her presence on the Deddy Corbuzier podcast is not to be pitied. He didn’t even think about a penny of the content. Laura was just happy that she got to know Deddy Corbuzier and became trending after being a guest star on his content.

“Then I’m happy that I’m trending, I don’t think about money or anything, I’m just happy ‘oh I’m trending,’ that’s all I swear,” said Laura.

Deddy Corbuzier deliberately did not share this, because according to him, helping people does not need to be used as content. This content was created because the celebrity has passed away.

Hearing the voice of the deceased from the message, Deddy looked so moved. Even his voice sounded trembling because he couldn’t hold back his tears.

“That’s Laura who I know and she’s incredibly cheerful. It’s very, very extraordinary,” said Deddy.

At the end of the video, Deddy also gave a touching message to Laura. He thanked him for all the kindness, happiness, and his life stories that were often motivating. For Deddy, Laura is a very inspiring figure.

“Thank you Laura for being a part of this podcast, thank you for being a part of my life, thank you for giving me inspiration and valuable lessons in living an extraordinary life. Thank you for the motivation that is so amazing. I learned a lot from you,” he concluded.

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Deddy Corbuzier testifies, Laura Anna is a cheerful character: Okezone Celebrity

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