End of the Year is Exciting, Here Are 6 Recommended Movies on Migo, Wonder, Difficult Signals, Until Servants of Satan: Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA Me, the world’s first offline network that distributes digital content in an affordable way – inviting Indonesians to enjoy their year-end holidays with a variety of films to watch with their families.

Migo offers 6 titles of the best film choices that can be enjoyed by all ages, from children, teenagers, to adults. These films that have won many awards, tell various stories that can entertain in the midst of the limitations of year-end holidays.

Here’s a selection of movies on Migo that kids can enjoy:

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1. Wonder

The story of a boy named Auggie Pullman, who was born with a rare medical facial deformity. In this film, the audience will see how Auggie can get through his tough days with the support of his parents, older sister and best friend.

This film invites the audience to appreciate and be more sensitive to the simple things around them. In addition, this film also explains how important the role and support of family in facing life’s challenges.

2. Difficult Signal

The film, which is packaged in the form of a comedy-drama, tells a story about a single mother who works as a successful lawyer with her daughter who begins to lose her role as a mother.

Explains how problematic a single parent is in dividing time between work and children, until the two of them decide to go on vacation to Sumba, West Nusa Tenggara, with the aim of improving their poor relationship.

Through Ernest Prakasa’s work, the audience can feel how the relationship between a mother and her daughter is close again because of good communication and quality activities carried out together.

3. Paddington

A young bear that can walk and talk, goes to the city of London from the jungle in Peru. In London, he is adopted by the Brown family and goes on many exciting, as well as thrilling, adventures.

This film can build children’s love for the universe, teach how to protect the wildlife and forest environment. At the same time, children will learn about the values ​​of kindness, courtesy, and equality towards other living beings.

The selection of movies in Migo that can be enjoyed by teenagers and adults are:

1. Wiro Sableng

This comedy action film tells the story of a Sinto Gendeng student who gets a mission to overthrow Mahesa Birawa, a former student who betrayed him.

In this film, the audience can learn how important a learning process is to get good results and an attitude of selfless help.

2. Danur: Maddah

The film, which is a continuation of Danur 1, tells the story of an indigo girl who lives with her sister and her three ghost friends, Peter, William, and Janshen, in Bandung in the face of a terror attack from an evil ghost.

Although tense, this film is the right choice to fill vacation time.

3. Servant of Satan

This horror film tells the story of a family who must bear the consequences of the past actions of his late mother who played with black magic.

Starring big names, such as Tara Basro, Ayu Laksmi, Asmara Abigail, Arswendi Nasution, and Fachri Albar, this Joko Anwar-directed film makes family gatherings on year-end holidays even more exciting.

The recommended films above can be enjoyed by Migo users during the year-end holidays, whether they are on a road trip to a location with an unstable network or to overcome boredom while at home.

By visiting the nearest Migo Warung and downloading the desired film, users can immediately enjoy the film anytime, anywhere according to Migo’s tagline “no quota, no ads, no slowness”.

To download the Migo application and find out the location of the nearest Migo Warung, please visit this link.

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End of the Year is Exciting, Here Are 6 Recommended Movies on Migo, Wonder, Difficult Signals, Until Servants of Satan: Okezone Celebrity

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